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#BoomerRemover – Millennial’s Call On Coronavirus To Kill Grandparents

#BoomerRemover – Millennial’s  Call On Coronavirus To Kill Grandparents

If things were not bad enough with Dreamers, they now have taken a much more dark and sinister turn; they are starting a hashtag called #BoomerRemover. This hashtag shows support for the Coronavirus to kill off all grandparents, including their own, to make room for their ideology to take over what their grandparents have shown. 

What we basically have are a bunch of petulant children that are supposed to be adults, throwing fits and wishing their grandparents dead so they can force the rest of this nation to accept their ideology, thus the doctrine or call for #BoomerRemover is born.

Responses Millennials are getting in return is showing that the rest of the world is waking up to the absolute stupidity this spoiled generation is showing us. I am beginning to wonder, is almost all of this generation that has been brainwashed from since their kindergarten years in socialist ideology so far gone that we should figure out a way to push them aside, so they don’t destroy this nation?

I know many of us in our youth did stupid stuff, I could fill libraries with the amount of stupidity I have committed in my youth. Still, I must say, I never wished death on my grandparents, such a thought would have been alien to most sane people I know, but this generation seems to think that this is perfectly acceptable.

One needs to ask, “They demand that we trust them to put forth the ideology they want, but if this is their sentiments, why would anyone in their right mind trust them?”

I will admit, when I first came across this, I thought it was some joke, in bad taste, then started searching through twitter, what others are saying, found to my disgust, this is being taken as serious. The youthful radical left feels that they are morally justified for calling for the death of their grandparents; this, in my case, would be the death of my parents, which I find incredibly offensive.

I was raised that we could never fight with family, I am almost 60 years old, other than wrestling when we were younger, that is just more a kid thing, I have never in my life raised a hand in anger to another family member (can’t say the same about my voice). I do have family members from this millennial generation, some of them are very much caught up in this far-left ideology, I usually chalk it up to they haven’t figured out what real life is about yet, dreamers tend to be this way, but if I ever heard one of them say this about their grandparents, our parents, I would make an exception to this rule, and do so in a not very family-friendly way.

There are days where I have looked back at my hopes for this generation, the generation our younger siblings brought about, I sit and wonder, how did they let them get to this point. I will admit, I have watched many times my hope for them fade, it seems like they are more concerned at thirty to continue their childhood then grow up. Most of us at thirty knew where we were going; this generation hasn’t even yet figured out who they are.

This #BoomerRemover is just another sad state of how we, as parents, failed this generation. I know them well, had a very late in life surprise myself, since my wife has gone into hospice, have taken to raising this child myself. I can say, it is easier to allow Video Games, TV, and other electronic gadgets to babysit our youth, but in so doing we fail to install the foundation of morals that we were taught as children.

Many of my generations know of faith, it is something our parents held onto, the baby boomers, the very ones that #BoomerRemover wishes to rid itself of, sadly we may not have imparted as much of this faith as we should have to our children, now these are raising children with no faith. We wonder why they would do something so terrible. We can’t undo what was done in the past, but we can work to make up for it.

We need to work and get the younger generation to think of what established our moral grounding, otherwise, you think #BoomerRemover is terrible, this is nothing compared to what could follow, we could see what is a nasty phrase turn into reality. We need to take a more hands-on action with the youth, to ensure that what we failed in with our children, we don’t with our grandchildren. Bring these kids over, let them get to know their Grandparents if they are older, for the young, their Great Grandparents.

Thankfully we are seeing the reaction to this newest trend that shows there is not much support from this from anyone else:

I will not lie, I am terrified of what this generation will do when they finally take the reigns of power, it seems what they have in boldness, blaming others for what ills them, they lack in common sense, problem working ability. Instead, they act like angry, petulant children, if nothing else should show this, this #BoomerRemover should.

There is hope for every generation, we can only hope that this one will grow up sooner then later, but until they do, I will be damned if I accept any more moral lectures from them.

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