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BREAKING: Police In Philadelphia ‘Discover Van Loaded With Explosives, Suspicious Equipment,’ Report Says

BREAKING: Police In Philadelphia ‘Discover Van Loaded With Explosives, Suspicious Equipment,’ Report Says

Law enforcement officials in Philadelphia have reportedly launched an investigation into a vehicle that was discovered containing explosives and suspicious items, which comes as the city is rocked by left-wing anti-police riots and widespread looting.

“Action News has learned that police recovered propane tanks, torches and possible dynamite sticks from the van,” ABC 6 reported. “The bomb squad is on the scene at this hour.”

“City officials say at least 200 businesses, many of them already struggling in the midst of the pandemic, were the targets of massive looting across the city,” the report added. “To assist police, an undetermined number of Pennsylvania National Guard troops will soon be arriving in the city.”

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Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney slammed those who were looting and rioting, saying that the destruction of property will not be allowed.

“The looting that has taken place is distressing, and it is clear that many of these folks are taking advantage of the situation, harming our businesses and communities, and doing a great disservice to those who want to protest the death of Walter Wallace, Jr.,” Kenney said. “We cannot allow others to destroy property. I have requested the assistance of the PA National Guard. Their role will be to safeguard property, prevent looting, and provide operational and logistical assistance to @PhillyPolice and other departments.”

Kenney authorized a citywide curfew for tonight that went into effect at 9 p.m. and lasts until 6 a.m.

The city said that during the curfew “people may leave their homes only to go to work, seek medical or emergency assistance, or drop off a mail-in ballot.”

Riots and looting broke out in the city after police shot a man in his late-twenties that they had received a call about when he approached them allegedly carrying a knife and refused to drop the weapon.

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“At least 90 people have been arrested and at least 30 police officers have been injured as tensions erupted in West Philadelphia,” ABC 6 reported. “Officials said most of the injuries to officers that occurred overnight are reported to be the result of being struck by projectiles, such as bricks and rocks.”

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