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Brett Favre, Used To Be A huge Fan, You blew It Comparing Kaepernick To Tillman

Brett Favre, Used To Be A huge Fan, You blew It Comparing Kaepernick To Tillman

I grew up in Wisconsin, loved Brett Favre. His name is still huge in the city and a lifetime fan, not so much any longer.

I have no issue with differences of opinions, your successor, Rodgers is not of the same political persuasion I am, he has said Kaepernick should be able to play, I have no issue with this, even though I can’t entirely agree with him. But throwing the sacrifice in the toilet that Tillman made, gave up the game to put his life on the line and lost, to say that his sacrifice and what Kaepernick did is equal, is a slap in the face of every man or woman that served and gave up their lives in the military.

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Kaepernick was selfish, wanted to bring his activism to the game, a game many of us go to that wish to get away from the political disputes that are so prevalent today, he tried to use this as a platform to force on us, the paying fans what we did not wish to listen to.

Like me, many don’t buy into this narrative of victimhood, Kaepernick threw this out the door and figured that playing victim was a great secondary career. When Nike did what they did with Kaepernick, raising him as a hero, I cut off Nike, wore their products for years, and refused to ever buy anything from them for years.

It seems Favre has forgotten who made the game possible; it is not the players, it’s the fans. While I have no issue with Kaepernick coming back to play, I would never watch a game this American hating fool plays in. If the fans tire of the NFL trying to play social activists, they may find themselves once more with fans doing what they did in 2017. Only this time, many will not be willing to forgive and come back.

While Favre had an incredible arm, no one can deny that his success would have meant nothing if we, the fans, were not willing to shell out the dollars to watch the game or buy the NFL merchandise. If we stopped going to games, people refused to watch on TV. Soon the NFL would have to renegotiate; they would find themselves with advertisers not willing to pay. The TV stations would have to lower their billion-dollar offers to broadcast. Players would soon find that the owners would start to demand lower wages or bring in other players without the billions coming in.

The owners need to understand, and what activist role their players wish to take means nothing if the fans that make your popularity possible stop watching, soon there will be no business, maybe it is time we teach these owners that we too have a say in what we are willing to put up with.

Added after published.

Favre did come back and clarify his statement, not satisfied that he dared to compare the two to start with, but at least he walked back his statement.

Sorry Brett, the two should never be mentioned in the same sentence, there is no comparison.

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