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Budget Is Looming, GOP, Don’t Cave In This Time

Budget Is Looming, GOP, Don’t Cave In This Time

It is like clock work, the DNC thinking they have the GOP where they want them refuse to budge on their demands for the budget, threatening shut down if they will not cave in. And what is the DNC demanding? Is it something to help Americans out? Of course not, it is to help people that have come into this nation illegally, that is their number one priority, if the Dreamers are not given immunity, then they will shut down the government. I for one say let them, let them own it this time. 

The reality is a government shut down will not halt the military from working, the SSI checks will still come out, for the most part everything goes on, the different departments are ran on a skeleton staff, one chosen by the Secretary of whatever agency they are part of. This may seem like terrible news, but you have to thing, the Congress, more specifically the left refuses to fill in positions almost a year later with Trump appointees, so whom do we have in those spots now? Obama appointees, they will all be gone, think of the leaks that will stop, not to mention the obstruction. 

Add to this that the GOP for once would be able to stand up for what they believe, not cave in to the DNC and they could force the DNC to own the government shut down. This could be a win/win, it could force the DNC to change the way they are dancing to this tune, no longer can they demand threatening the GOP they will own the shutdown, we have Trump and Twitter, time to get the message out around the DNC spokespersons, oops, my bad, I mean the main stream press.

Now I feel for the plight of the Dreamers, but I am far more concerned about actual US citizens. While the humanitarian prospects of sending these kids home to a place many in all reality know little or nothing of, is reprehensible, my wife happens to be a person that migrated here at three months old, never knew anything else, so I can understand this, but my first priority has to remain what is best for the American people.

And let’s face it, we aren’t going to send these kids packing, well unless they have committed crimes, been part of a gang or something, then good riddance, but the ones that are a asset to this nation, good, make them part of us, give them immunity and a path to citizenship, but do that outside the budget, not as part of it. 

What we need to have though is for the GOP to grow a spine, to stand up to the DNC, tell them no more, this is what you are going to do, you are going to vote to include a wall, we will compromise on some issues, that is what a budget is, a compromise with the two parties. But compromise means both get something they want, not just the DNC, then have to listen to them throw hissy fits acting like they have been victimized when they aren’t given 100% of what they demand while they refuse to give in to anything they don’t want. 

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I for one am tired of this, in Obama’s own words, “Elections have consequences,” they do, it seems the DNC are still so caught up in their Trump Derangement Sickness, they still can’t fathom that Obama is not in office and this is not going to work this time. 

One thing before I leave, we need to push to put in place a new law, if everyone has to go home with no pay during government shut down, then why don’t we force our elected officials to do the same, no pay until they pass a budget, if you aren’t going to do your job, then wait to be paid until you do. I bet if this was put in place we would never see a threat of another government shut down again. 


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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