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Build a Wall, But Include California’s Borders!

Build a Wall, But Include California’s Borders!

We by now have heard the chant, “Build The Wall!” It is a token phrase at a Trump rally, many that attend, others like me who have supported both Trump and the idea of a wall have seen promises given, the Congress has acted and included this in their budget proposals, only to have this shut down by the Senate. Many are becoming disillusioned with Trump, but that is incorrect, both he and the Congress has acted, it is held up and stopped by the Senate every time, you want to yell, look to the Dems in Congress that will give nothing, then the Senate kills much of what is given. 

So, if we want to find fault, there is no place else to look to other then the Senate, the left has blocked everything, but worse, so has members who in my opinion are traitors to the conservative side, if we were smart we would throw them out of the party, they are more concerned about their vindictiveness then in doing what is good for the nation. And who are these Senators? McCain,  a man who once was an idealist who stood for something, now all he does is stick around to try to thwart Trump and thereby all of us that voted for him. Today McCain is more of a problem then aiding in any way, due to his health he would do better for America and his own legacy if he would resign then continue on tarnishing what once was a great career now being ruined by his hatred of Trump. 

And McCain is only one of the many, there is Rand Paul, while I used to like him, I have to admit after watching him in the last presidential debates he came off more like a whiny child then an adult in the debates, always scowling and acting like he was somehow victimized, made my decision to never vote for him in any presidential primary, nor will I ever in the future. Then there is Senator Graham who has refused to budge on votes, seems he had no problem when the other party under Obama did this, put in place a nuclear option so they could fill the courts with liberal activist judges, ones that now are interfering and obstructing Trump every chance they can by legislating from the bench. And don’t even get me started with the useless idiot Senator Flake, this idiot should be tossed from the GOP, his idiocy is stinking up the party just having him around. 

There is also Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), Dean Heller (R-Nev.), you then have GOP senators that are intent on protecting this witch hunt with Mueller, Senator Thom Tillis (R. N.C.) and Senator Christopher Coons, (D-Del.) and the other by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.)Senator Graham has gone so far as to warn the president that firing Mueller would mark “the beginning of the end of the Trump Administration.”

If we want to point fingers, we should not only point them at these people, but we also need to take a look for three fingers are also pointing right back at us when we start pointing at others, the reason for this is really simple, we are the ones that voted these people into office, and have continued to do so. If we want to fix this, then primary these people out, some are leaving, like Flake, who in my opinion has a great last name, matches his actions, but the rest, it is time for people to stand up for this nation, that care more about what they can do for this nation then their petty special interests or personal vendetta’s, put their name in the hat and primary these obstructionists out of office. 

When we have done this, then we need to let the ones that come in, maybe it is time to revise the idea of a wall, to not only build it on the Mexican border, and please, built it 50 ft. tall, I don’t care if you extend the river to run behind it and stock it with piranhas and Crocks, do what you must to secure it, then maybe we should protect our nation from these states, states like California and now Oregon that are looking to become sanctuary states, maybe we should put a wall on their borders and put in place checkpoints to check citizenship before anyone is allowed to pass out of their state. If these states are willing to ignore federal law, they are not only affecting their own state, I can’t do anything about this, it is obvious the people in that state are stupid enough to vote these politicians in, they can live in their own mess, but the rest of the nation doesn’t need to, put up a wall around them, stop all travel unless you can show documentation, then let them know, when you drop  this policy, we will open up the borders. 

Is there a danger that California could threaten to cede from the US? Of course, there is, but how much of a loss is that? While California is a with a huge GDP, they show right now about 16% Debt payment to GDP ratio, but they have a huge problem coming up over the next 10 years, their unsecured debt, this ratio will skyrocket as they are required to fund retirement packages that are simply not sustainable, they will soon face either bankruptcy, which they will demand the rest of the nation bail them out of, or they will have to screw over all the people they made promises to. 

California loves to present to their people that they are fine debt wise, they show an official debt of $426 billion, but if you add their unsecured debt in, they are well over a trillion in debt, there is no way for them to sustain this, if you add in their unsecured debt, here is just some of it, and this is on a state level, we have not yet touched the county and city obligations:

Now, this is in 2015, this has gotten much worse as California is borrowing to cover their debt, who do you think is going to pay for this? This is some of the problems I have, you look at long time cities under Democratic control, you see a pattern, just look to Detroit and see what the end result of this is, a once proud city now in dire trouble, being forced to be bailed out now by a conservative legislators, still balking and kicking against the reality it has blinded itself to for so long, this is what California is going to face, when you have almost 2 trillion in debt, your GDP is $2.7 trillion, you simply can’t sustain this type of debt and carry on as if nothing needs changing. 

Oregon is in the same state, they owe more then they are generating, while they are smaller in size, the problem remains the same, so why are this state and California willing to place their own citizens at risk to support illegals? Guess it it liberal lunacy, but we should not have to pay a price for this, there is hope in Oregon, some are now fighting to have the idiocy reversed and stop the sanctuary state practices, but until they do, we need to close off their borders as well, otherwise their illegal criminals are given free reign to move to a state or city near you. 

We need to fix this, we can’t fix the lunacy in these states, they do vote for the left anyways, so that is of little concern, but we can fix where we live, we need every conservative, moderate, people center right to far right to come out and vote in record numbers, for both the primaries and the election, get rid of obstructionist that are stinking up Washington DC, to put in people who are more concerned about us then in their special interests, don’t care how long someone has served, if they aren’t serving the will of their voters, then they need to go, time to clean up this mess, only we can, and only we will be held to blame if we do nothing and allow this to continue and nothing gets done.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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