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California Passes bill to give Reparations, now is deciding how much.

California Passes bill to give Reparations, now is deciding how much.

California lurched a giant step closer to paying reparations for slavery after the state’s Senate on Saturday gave near-final legislative approval to a proposal that sets up a task that will decide how to dole out the dough.

The vote on the bill was 33-3, according to Fox News.

The Senate fine-tuned pieces of the bill, which means that the Assembly, which passed it 56-5 in June, must vote on those changes to give the bill its final legislative approval.

In typical fashion, the bill’s supporters ignored the generational welfare system, black crime, violence in the black community, single-parent homes, instead blamed all on slavery that happened over 150 years ago for the plight of modern-day Black Americans.

“Let’s be clear: Chattel slavery, both in California and across our nation, birthed a legacy of racial harm and inequity that continues to impact the conditions of black life in California,” Democratic state Sen. Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles, said.

“I hear far too many people say, ‘Well, I didn’t own slaves, that was so long ago.’ Well, you inherit wealth — you can inherit the debt that you owe to African-Americans,” Democratic state Sen. Steven Bradford, of Gardena, said.

Democratic Assemblywoman Shirley Weber has said the reparations legislation was necessary despite the fact that California entered the U.S. in 1850 as a free state — where slavery was illegal.

“The discriminatory practices of the past echo into the everyday lives of today’s Californians,” said Weber, leader of the Legislative Black Caucus, according to KOVR-TV.

“This country has taught itself to hate African Americans and to deny the history that has brought us here,” she said in June while pushing the bill through the Assembly, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

I would beg to differ with her, I would say the problem is not America hating African Americans, it is the fact that they seem to hate themselves, why else would they tolerate such high murder rates in their midst?

Lisa Holder, an attorney who teaches civil rights at UCLA School of Law, said the issue of reparations should be linked to discrimination and not slavery.

“The response really has to be framed around the issue of continuing racial injustice that started back in 1619 when Africans were stolen from Africa and brought here as enslaved people,” Holder said according to KPIX-TV.

“Then you don’t get into this messy, unintelligible notion of who is directly linked to a slave,” she said.

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Here is the problem, could she kindly tell us who stole these Africans from Africa and sold them to slavers? Wait, was it for the most part fellow Blacks? They along with Muslim Arabs made up the bulk of this trade, they captured men and women within Africa and then sold them to Slavers on the coast; I wonder why this is never brought up?

The bill states that reparations will be aimed at “African-Americans with special consideration for African-Americans who are descendants of persons enslaved.”

The legislation wants the University of California “to assemble a colloquium of scholars to draft a research proposal to analyze the economic benefits of slavery that accrued to owners and the businesses, including insurance companies and their subsidiaries, that received those benefits, and to make recommendations to the Legislature regarding those findings.”

One has to ask, since, in the south Blacks held slaves themselves, in fact, there were more free black slaveholders than whites, are they going to research who their decedents were to make them pay for this?

And where is California getting this money from? They not long ago were pleading with the US for more aid money, I live in the north, where my ancestors fought and died in the civil war fighting the slave states, am I expected to fund this? On the other side of my family they were not even here yet, why am I asked to fund this?

I have said for years, if you find someone that held a slave, then fine them, make they pay for it, the same with someone who was once a slave. Since slavery ended so long ago, in 1865, that means even if a child was born that year into slavery or had a family member that owned slaves, they would be 155 years old, so no one is alive that has had a part of this.

The US government needs to look at this, we need to take back control of the house from the Democrats, then pass a law, if a state is going to give reparations, the amount they are paying out, this will be taken off of federal aid given to them, we as taxpayers in other states should not have to pay for this.

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