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California Throws Down The Gauntlet At Trump

California Throws Down The Gauntlet At Trump

Over this weekend California put in effect their state wide sanctuary state status, thus throwing down the gauntlet to Trump, now they are waiting for him to act.

In this they have told every law officer, prison official, anyone dealing with immigration that they were not to notify the feds of any illegal immigrants in their state, they would not put in effect anything the federal government asks them to do. Illegal immigrants that are guilty of felonies, even multiple violent ones, they are not to be held, rather allowed to go free. 

I for one who has his taxes used to pass on to the state must question why any of my money is going there. Why are we giving any resources to the police when they are being forced not to act by the state? Now please don’t get me wrong, I 100% support the police, but I totally feel that what Governor Brown and the state legislator is doing is seditious, they are openly defying the federal government and challenging them to do something about it.

Here are a couple of idea’s for what they can do, the people vote these politicians in, if you want this then you must deal with the ramifications. All policing, school funding, all social programs that are paid out without any funds being paid in needs to be frozen, this of course would not include SSI, people paid their whole life into this.

All Medicaid payments need to be halted with the exception where a life is at stake, the FBI needs to pull out or stand down, tell the state to deal with their own criminal issues. The military should go down and secure their borders, nationalize them and place the military there on alert, this is after all the jurisdiction of the federal government, shut down all entry points so all goods coming from Mexico into California needs to be halted, then close off all ports, and see how long this lasts.

When school funds are cut off, all social services are cut from the federal government, naturally California will not any longer have the money to take care of their illegal population, and if they riot, let them burn the state down, we should not send one military troop to California to aid in their protection, remember, they voted these same politicians in. It is time to take ownership of what you are voting in, that is what the left is so fond of telling us about Trump.

But this is not good enough, we need to send Federal Marshals to the Governors house and start with the arrest of Governor Brown for Sedition, then pick up every state legislator that voted to support this, may as well let them stand up and put their stand forward for all to see in prison orange suites.

After this take over the state prison systems, or maybe release them to live with the state legislators, may clean up that mess in a hurry. Next put the rest in the campuses spewing this garbage, wonder how long it would take Berkley to start screaming for help if we house violent criminals in their midst.

I know this is radical, but I for one am tired of this, if you are so seditious, then take up arms and rise up, we will make fast work of you, or do what the rest of this nation does, live by the law, if you don’t like it then vote for change. But because you did not get your way in the last election does not mean you have a right to throw yourself around and throw tantrums like a two year old.

Years ago when Lincoln was President the Democrats in a move to defy the government threw down the gauntlet to Lincoln, he answered as he should have. We saw this again during the civil rights era when Democratic Governors told Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson they would not do what was asked, they told them that segregation was here to stay, they sent troops in to the states, escorted the kids to school, then stayed to ensure their safety. 

What we see today is just another chapter from the party that never changes, although they sure would have you believe they have. The party of the KKK which hated Blacks and Jews they still hate Jews, even though for some odd reason many American Jews are part of the party, who knows, maybe they are self hating, as a Jew I have no comprehension of this. The only thing the left has done is change their hatred for the blacks to the hatred for the whites, what is worse, not the self hatred has spread, you have a bunch of idiot white people crying about “White Privilege” and how they hate themselves. 

You know what, this brings up a question I have been dying to ask, if you self hating whites hate yourself so much, why don’t you put your actions where your words are, give up your homes to the disenfranchised, maybe hand them your money, maybe go to the part of town you claim is caused by institutional hatred and give them the keys to your car? Seems we sure here a lot of lip service, but never any actions. 

Trump will act on this, it is not if, it is just when, and that is only a matter of time. I hope that Sessions is not doing nothing, he should be putting together a mass dossier for all the seditious acts being done, then start filing names of people who have openly called for the murder of our president, or harm to his family. I would love it if one day I woke up and found that mass arrests were made around the nation, don’t care if they started with some of the chief instigators like Representative Maxine Waters, and worked their way down, I am sure they would have lots of company. I am old and crippled, but I would offer my services, my put a step in my walk.

In response to what California has done, the pictures you see posted were of signs added to the signs around California in protest of their actions. 

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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