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California – How To Turn A Thriving State Into A Sh*t Hole

California – How To Turn A Thriving State Into A Sh*t Hole

In the 1980s, I used to live in California, loved the state, had to be one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. Remember visiting San Francisco, the historical aspects of the city amazed me, then went and saw the Redwood forest, loved that as well, could leave the city and take a trip in a couple of hours, be up in the mountain air, sweet and fresh.

I and many like me loved the state, it was at the time governed by a Democrat, but the governor’s house was filled with a republican before, and after, the legislative branches were filled with both, you had a stable government, it was not yet in the state it is now. Although the cities were, for the most part, Democrat, the country was still republican, just had not seen a disparity of population we now see.

It was during the Governorship of Arnold Schwarzenegger that much started to change, we saw the expansion of the far-leftist cities, as policies turned more liberal in the townspeople began to move into rural areas taking their liberal ideology with them, things began to change.

At that time the mayor of San Francisco was Gavin Newsom, we started to see the far left expanding, soon the whole state would be swamped with these people.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a more liberal Republican, opposed the border wall, supported much of what the left considers gospel today like climate change, supporting radical changes to fight it. Still, he did also support some republican policies but was not the type of Republican that could have been electable anyplace other than in California.

After Arnold, the state turned more and more left, now both legislative branches along with the Governorship is controlled by far-left politicians, each one more radical than the last.

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Cities on the coast are now overrun with illegals and homeless, all over homeless camps are rising, needles, human waste are a common byproduct of these camps, not to mention violence, mentally unstable people, crime is rampant, something California will not even prosecute for.

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Parks are no longer safe to visit, muggings from the homeless are up, not to mention you will be harassed the whole time with people asking for handouts.

What is the far left’s answer to this? Sanctuary cities, open borders, promises to give illegals what you can’t give your homeless population, free medical care.

I have a sister that lives in San Francisco; she is one of my very liberal sisters, could not see the inconsistency when I asked her why she should be able to visit a fenced-in and secure park when she demands the rest of the citizens not be able to. It is so bad in the large cities; now business is buying parks, fencing them in, keeping security so no one can come in unless you are part of that business, this is to keep their employees safe.

What is more surprising, these are the same people voting for more of this; one has to wonder, are they blind, stupid, or both? California, in spite of its riches, is a rapidly failing state.

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They are burdened with a debt load that is rapidly approaching the breaking point. As stated by Patrick Gleason with Forbes:

The state’s long-run obligations far exceed projected revenue collections to the tune of $1 trillion in unfunded pension liabilities alone. When factoring in the cost of non-pension benefits for state workers, such as health care for retired government employees, the debt facing California taxpayers rises further. 

“Combining California’s debt with publicly held federal debt, we estimate a total debt-to-GDP ratio of 125% (or 153% using the broader definition of federal debt),” California Policy Center report released in 2017 points out. “This level places California distressingly close to peripheral Eurozone countries that faced financial crises in 2011 and 2012. Portugal’s 2015 debt-to-GDP ratio was 129% and Italy’s was 133%.”

State and local unfunded pension liabilities are pegged at $5 trillion nationwide, with California accounting for about a fifth of that total. States where unfunded pension liabilities are the worst (states like Illinois, New York, and California) are the places where there is the least amount of political will and interest in addressing the issue. 

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The problem you have is California has a GDP of $2.751 trillion. Yet, their unsecured obligations just for pensions is over two times this amount, not to mention their secured debt, now $452 billion and growing; they are only bringing in $567 billion with state spending at the same being $566 billion, an unsustainable pattern.

With their city and states now on the hook for massive unsecured debt for retired state and local workers, with their aging population of state workers, there is no way for California to meet their obligations. Sadly their fix for this is to have us, the rest of America to bail them out, I must ask, “When they put themselves in this mess, why should we bail them out, more so when they are demanding to continue these policies?”

What is more interesting is both California threatening to leave the union, something at this point I could care less about, good riddance; maybe we should extend our wall around them. With their debt spiraling out of control, what are they going to do in ten years when they are called in for this debt? If they leave, they should not only take their debt but a share of the federal deficit as well. 

California was a great state, not so much anymore; the beauty is now buried under garbage, the place that claims to care so much about the environment is in the middle of their own environmental disaster, citizens are fleeing while illegals and homeless are terrorizing the citizens, making more flee the state.

It used to be great; now, it is rapidly turning into nothing but a sh*t hole under Democratic leadership, looking like a third world city.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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