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Labeling and Calls of Racism: Has It Gone Too Far?

Labeling and Calls of Racism: Has It Gone Too Far?

Labeling and Calls of Racism: Has It Gone Too Far?

We have all seen it on the news, on Facebook, on our Twitter feed, someone is offended due to someone said something, wore something, brought up something that the other sees as racist, full of bigotry, attacking their faith, racism is their thing. But have we got carried away with this, have we as a society gone to such an extreme that many now are starting to turn off to these accusations?

Have you ever had a friend, no matter what you said, they would try to find a reason to be offended by it? If you were having an innocent conversation, suddenly they are in huff, leaving while glaring at you because you said something that offended their sense of decency, you sit there confused, wondering what you said, that is what it is like today with many of the people in not just America, but in the world as well. As a rule, you put up with this friend for a while, then get tired of it, say whatever you are going to say, if they are offended, who cares; this is what it is starting to become like in America.
I read the other day that a new firefighter in Chicago went to his new firehouse, it was summer, and it was customary to bring a gift, so he thought, “Hey, it’s a hot day, what about a watermelon!” He happily strolled in with it, then all hell broke loose. Why? The reason was some of the members in the firehouse were African American, they saw a watermelon as racist. I was reading this and thinking, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Since when is food racist?

We had another incident where a girl was offended because in Hobby Lobby they had a plastic cotton plant that looked like raw cotton, next thing you know the news had it splashed all over its pages, it was racist according to her, according to her thinking this was supporting slavery, boycott Hobby Lobby!
We have cases where people are offended if you don’t say something if you do they are equally offended as well; if you are seen and someone else is seen there, even if you were there first, how dare you leave when you saw them arrive.

You have people that are offended for other people, even though the people they are offended for could care less, imaginary racist attacks are seen everywhere, if not racism, then you have accusations of Islamophobia, homophobia, and everything under the sun seen as a reason for what is stated.

Facts are now seen as racist, if you dare to share them people scream that the reason you are showing them is facts are somehow misogynist, full of hate for women, are drawing on “White Privilege”, are somehow trying to keep classes oppressed why lifting others up.

Ever see gangs in large cities, if you wear a bandanna, it is a certain color you are supporting one gang or another. If you are an older person, have nothing to do with this, they will attack you because you have a handkerchief that looks like the colors of their enemy, meanwhile, the poor elderly person that has been beaten up just wanted to blow their nose

. You have people screaming over mascots, others are yelling that historical monuments that must be torn down, to appease them, slowly this nation and much of the world is descending into madness, we are crippling ourselves by the inability to say or do anything, someone just may be offended.
And here lies the problem, you yell victimization too much over everything, people will over time become desensitized to your complaints, many are becoming this way now. Accusations have been thrown out so many times, and with such craziness, people are starting to turn off to it.

As with everything, you do have real racist events, you have actions that are deplorable, but when actions that are not meant to be racist, more a lack of understanding are racist, and you hear none stop howls of outrage, you risk the people shutting out the noise, turning it off.

I grew up in a rural area, never met an African American, did not mean I was racist one way or another, just had no clue what was important or not to them. When I moved to a larger city I met some friends that were, they did not scream I was racist when I said something that was insensitive from their perspective, I did not have a clue I was doing this, they instead educated me why they found it offensive, I, in turn, learned from it, learned where their perspective was coming from, became richer because of it.

But I will be honest, if they had screamed, said I had no idea because of “White Privilege”, I would have shut them down, moved on, would have walked away, have no time for racism going either way, and that is what the claims of “White Privilege” is.

The same with complaints that somehow one is being homophobic, when it is not the case, they have a set of beliefs, it is not acceptable for them. But they are not telling you that you can’t be; to disagree does not show a phobia, it may just mean that your lifestyle is not for the person.

More, you have some faiths that may not agree with the lifestyle, they have a right to that belief and lifestyle, just as you do, to complain that it’s not in line with your thinking is not showing bigotry, it is showing disagreement. Now if they turn and say you have no right to be the way you are, try to force you not to be able to live with your own morals, that would be bigotry, but most times this is not what you see.

We are in danger of losing what makes us so unique in the world, our ability to cross boundaries, show empathy, give love to help comfort, the reason, we are not being forced to walk on eggshells, if you say the wrong thing, wear the wrong color of shirt, have a wrong picture then you are attacked, does not matter if you say it or not, you are going to be attacked regardless, so it is easier to shell up, not care about others, why bother when you are going to be attacked for it.

We see this with the police, it is called the Ferguson Effect,  police are afraid to act because they will be accused of racism, so they do nothing, crime increases. Naturally, the people they are supposed to help are then screaming that they aren’t protecting them, but if they do then they scream police brutality.

As we delve deeper into this madness, people will soon stop reporting crime, they already have cases of doing this, if you report a crime and a Black man or woman is involved, they scream you did so because you are racist, you have calls for states to  remove crime statistics broken down by race, because they showed violent crimes were committed at a higher rate among African American males, claims are such reporting shows racism.

But it is even worse, you have civilians that have said they would not report suspicious people, they didn’t want to be as racist in reporting, this was the case with the husband and wife that were the San Bernardino shooters. We are starting to paralyze this nation because reporting crimes can be accused now of racism, naturally, if you don’t you are too. So now we are at the point that the police are afraid to act, the citizens are afraid to call in suspicious behavior, we are basically a step away from anarchy.

And who is perpetrating this? Politicians, activist and broadcasters, all three are playing this to try to shut up Americans, if you are afraid to act or report, they then allow the people to do as they please. If you find suspicious behavior, rather then take responsibility for it, the press will scream that the offenders are victims, the politicians seize on that, then try to freeze up the real issue by screaming about bigotry or racism.

What we are at now is a danger, either people are going to freeze up, which is the case now, or many will stop caring, if you are offended, that is your problem, not theirs. The truth is the truth, it will be told, if one can’t except it, it does not make it any less the truth.

I end this with a story told long, long ago:

There was a little Shepard boy who while tending his sheep became board, for the excitement he ran through the village not far away screaming that the wolfs were there to eat his sheep. The villagers grabbed boards, pitchforks, and knives and ran out to the field to save this poor boy’s sheep. Upon arriving they found to their disgust this boy laughing, he loved how they ran even though there was nothing there.

A couple of days later he did the same thing, once more the people grabbed what they could and raced out to the field, once more they found the boy laughing at them, they went back to their homes angry, vowing to not allow this again.

A week later real wolf’s came to the flock, they were slaughtering the sheep, the boy ran to the village, in panic was screaming that the wolf’s were killing his herd, the people ignored him, they would not be fooled again.

That night the villagers figured maybe they should check on the boy, the went out and found him weeping, he turned to them with tears, “I told you there were wolf’s, why didn’t you come?” They told him he had lied before, they did not believe him this time.

This is what is happening now, we are getting turned off to cries of racism and bigotry where there is none, one day when it does raise its ugly head, you are going to find no one will be willing to listen. Be careful that you don’t abuse this, otherwise, you will find is soon no one will care.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


  1. Chaiya

    Excellent article, Tim. Another analogy. Someone goes to the doctor complaining about this and that pain but the doctor finds nothing wrong with the person. Happens on an almost weekly basis. Finally, one day the person really feels pain and the doctor refuses to see the individual. The person is then rushed to the hospital and dies.

    • Timothy Benton

      Thanks, will have to keep that in mind, you know me, will revisit the subject again. Now working on trying to set up a timeline for the “Palestinians”, how they arrived, rather hard, there is not a lack of information concerning them, the more I dig the more you find there is more then a lack, there is a total absence, nothing.


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