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Capitol Riot Now Being Compared To Pearl Harbor Attack, Rwandan Genocide, And 9/11 Terrorist Attack

Capitol Riot Now Being Compared To Pearl Harbor Attack, Rwandan Genocide, And 9/11 Terrorist Attack

Listen. I’m not a fan of the violence that occurred on January 6th at the Capitol Building. I think it was counterproductive and poor judgement.

But on the other hand, after many months of continuous nationwide left-wing violence and destruction resulting in billions of dollars of damage, dozens of deaths, and countless lives and livelihoods ruined, I don’t think the liberals really have a leg to stand on in their condemnation of the comparatively limited violence that day.

And yet, liberals continue to compare the 1/6 riot to the very worst and most devastating events in history.


First was the ever dramatic Chuck Schumer, who previously labeled the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett “one of the darkest days of recent American history.” Regarding January 6th, Schumer said,

“President Franklin Roosevelt set a day aside that will live in infamy. Unfortunately, we can now add January 6, 2021, to that very short list of dates in American history that will live forever in infamy.”

I don’t want to downplay the reality of the Capitol Hill riot, but several dozen protestors, ranging from rowdy to violent, who “breached” (or debatably were let into) the Capitol Building to cause some damage and generate a certain amount of fear, is not at all on the same level as a massive surprise military strike by a violent enemy force in the middle of a world war. 8 battleships damaged or sunk, 347 aircraft damaged or destroyed, 2,335 people killed, 1,153 wounded that day at Pearl Harbor. And apparently, the events that occurred at the Capitol Building due to what the mainstream media once might have called “mostly peaceful protesters” were just that bad. That is patently ridiculous.

Next was CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who has now twice kept a straight face as he compared the Capitol Hill riot to the Rwandan genocide. The horrifying and catastrophic 1994 conflict resulted in the senseless slaughter of approximately 800,000 people over the course of several months.

Specifically, he references “otherizing” people or the employment of dehumanizing language. It is hilarious of him even to bring up, considering the liberal mainstream media literally publishes articles and cartoons equating Republicans to rats and other vermin worthy only of extermination.

Again, it is absolute lunacy to insinuate that these two events are at all comparable.

Meghan McCain has said that the Capitol Hill riot is “really comparable” to the absolutely devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks. On that day almost 20 years ago, terrorists hijacked planes intent on killing as many Americans as they could manage and succeeded in killing almost 3,000 innocent and unsuspecting people, injuring some 6,000 others.

McCain went so far as to say,

“It’s disgusting. It looks like something out of a third world country or, like, a horror movie. It’s unfathomable. It almost doesn’t look real.”

I’m sorry, but that’s some Hollywood level drama. I mean, has she even seen Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco recently? Talk about “third world” and “horror movie.” You can get beaten to death on any given afternoon in the middle of the sidewalk, which is probably covered in discarded drug needles and human feces.


And anyway, shouldn’t someone somewhere be offended and outraged by her appropriation of the label “third world” to describe something horrifying to her? Indeed that’s against the woke progressive rules, right?

But it’s all about the narrative. And the narrative right now is to make anything that is even remotely connected to Donald J. Trump as horrifying and revolting as possible, even if it is a laughable comparison.

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