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Why Do We Care What Actors Think?

Why Do We Care What Actors Think?

Seems like every time I turn on the news, I hear that one actor or actors are trying to tell us how to vote, whom to support, and how we should think. I hear them and then think, what would a person living in a gilded cage, getting paid to read lines know about real life? What does a person getting paid millions to smile on TV have a clue about what we Americans are going through, do they have problems making sure their bills are paid, putting aside savings for their kid’s college? What about the more financially stressed? Do they have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from, how they are going to pay their rent, treat their kids because they can’t afford another medical bill? Yet we are supposed to listen to them.

One has to ask, “What do these actor’s do for us other than entertain?” D0 they put their lives on the line fighting in wars to ensure our freedoms? And remember, because you acted in a movie does not mean you have a clue what this is about. Or did they struggle to feed the poor, to make sure the immigrants they are demanding we take in are living on their property so they can show that they too are part of this struggle? Of course not, it may diminish the price of their multi-million dollar estate, make them have to actually deal with the reality of the issues these people bring with them that they demand we take in.

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I watched last night, Robert DeNiro, used to like him as an actor, now just think he is a delusional actor like all the rest, he was lecturing us on how we were going to be tainted for the rest of our lives for supporting Trump. I listened to him say this and thought, “Is he tainted for the rest of his life for supporting the last inept administration? Is he ashamed that he bowed to tyrannical Islamic kings, went out of his way to protect Islamic terrorist while pointing out that Christians were guilty of something that happened 1,500 years ago? Did he have an issue when Obama blamed everything on race, set back race relations, claimed anyone that did not agree with his policies did so because they were racist, thus ruining the stigma that used to be attached to being called such a thing because of the abuse?

Remember, these are the same people that are preaching morality and how to treat women, are on their 5th and 6th marriage, trading in partners like we do cars. You have the stars want to tell us how one should morally behave and think, yet we aren’t the ones posting X-Rated video’s of us doing sex acts we would never wish our kids to see, let alone our parents. Who wants to yell about respecting women’s boundaries, yet they ignored what Clinton did and others like Weinstein did for years. It was only when the #MeToo started that suddenly they found moral outrage, where was this for years before this, everyone knew of these actions?

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Then you have the actors coming out to tell us how to vote, one would suggest you go to California and see what the results of their votes are. California, a place that was once the middle-Class Mecca of the world, had Beverly Hills where stars roomed, put out great politicians like Reagan and Caspar Weinberger, Tirso del Junco and Earl Warren, today they produce people like Miley Cyrus, Robert DeNiro, and Mr. Moonbeam himself, Jerry Brown. You have the middle class fleeing the state, cities are covered with waste and tent cities, Mayors and Governors would rather help foreigners than their own citizens, yet this is what they think we should emulate?

See the source imageI have always said, if I want to watch a movie, I turn on the TV, if I want to know about politics, I don’t see what some actor who plays a politician says, I turn to real politicians. If I want to know how to how to deal with my teen son, I don’t turn on Love and Marriage and listen to Al Bundy, I turn to someone that actually has wonderfully behaved kids, and see what they have done.

It used to be we looked at these people as sex symbols, knew they lived a life we could only dream of, but never looked to them for marriage advice, for political outlook, nor to see what our moral compass should be, why are we doing this now? It is time to put them back where they belong, let them talk, it goes in one ear and out the other, but give them no more power then you do the drunk down the street, both make about the same amount of sense.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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