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Cartel Violence Coming To America, Extreme Vetting Needed!

Cartel Violence Coming To America, Extreme Vetting Needed!

While we have allowed immigration from Mexico, also from other nations in the world, and we have heard of the ban on places with Islamic extremist due to lack of proper vetting, one has to ask, why not the same concern about the extremist coming in from our Southern Border, seems this is just fine with the left. What we need now is the same Extreme Vetting we see in Arab nations applied to illegals coming up from our Southern Border.

While we have heard of the atrocities happening in places like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, with groups like ISIS committing acts of unspeakable violence, what is going on south of our border not only matches what is seen there, it in many cases exceeds it. Speak to Schumer, Pelosi and the Press they think this is just fine, let them all in.

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We have heard that they don’t bring this violence across the border, this is contained South of our border due to the environment there, but this crossing over here is not that hard to envision coming here, in fact, already has arrived.

For the safety of our citizens, we need to not only put up the wall, we also need to put in place the same extreme vetting process with these illegals coming south of the border as we do with Middle Eastern migrants, we sure see much more acts of violence from these migrants, both legal and not.

We have heard of the violence of MS-13, and it is well documented, but this holds nothing to what the cartels are doing. They routinely are beheading, putting live victims in acid baths until the die, slaughtering not only the person they are targetting but their family around them as well to make sure no witnesses are left.

Over this weekend we had a Grandmother and her 13-year-old granddaughter killed, cartel members took them to a graveyard, made the 13-year-old special needs granddaughter watch them stab her grandmother to death, then proceeded to decapitate the young lady.

The Department of Homeland Security released their “Alien Report Fiscal Year 2018, Quarter 1” on June 6th and it was disturbing.  There are some enlightening statistics in that report that cannot be excluded from the debate on stay or deport the Illegals.  We are told in that report that there are 57,820known or suspected aliens in DOJ custody.  How many are not in custody?  It is a factual statement to say that for every criminal caught and convicted there are dozens of others who are escaping the long arm of the law.  That fact is a disturbing reality even if ILLEGALS were not part of the equation but when we include the millions of illegals, HOW MANY ARE COMMITTING ACTS OF VIOLENCE OR CRIMES UNDETECTED?

Of the 57, 820 known or suspected illegals in custody almost 35,000 of them have orders of removal issued against them. Nearly 16,000 are still under investigation to determine their immigration status.  Others are either being investigated or are awaiting trial.  Almost 46%of the illegals in custody are suspected or charged with “drug trafficking” or some other “federal offense” including murder, rape, pedophilia, etc.   That flies in the face of the incessant argument by the Democratic Leftist and Media that the so-called Dreamers are “innocent children.”  They include members of MS-13 gangs as innocent children,” and their actions make that an impossible position to defend, yet they do.

This problem is further aided by sanctuary cities and states where they refuse to hold criminal aliens for deportation. A great example is Sergio Jose Martinez, armed with a knife, sexually assaulted a woman in the basement of a parking garage.  She warded him off, and he stole her car and credit cards.  He was released by the Obama administration in 2016 even though they were well-informed of his criminal past. The Sheriff of Multnomah County issued a statement saying, “The sheriff’s office does not hold people in county jails on ICE detainers or conduct any immigration enforcement actions.” Thus they keep releasing these known criminals from custody. This man is now charged with sexually assaulting a 65-year-old woman; he has up to now been deported 20 times.

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The left loves to say that these illegals are contributing to our society, but I beg to differ, in the article THE HIDDEN TRUTH – COST OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, we look at the cost of educating, providing social services, the amount of money they are sending back out of this country, instead of benefits we are losing tens of billions a month from these illegals in taxes and lost income that is not spent here, rather supporting the economy of places that in many cases aided in their coming here illegally.

Meanwhile, we have experienced an uptake in crimes, this was discussed in  ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND CRIME, we see not only the expense that is brought to our society from south of the border, but the attacks, loss of safety, the net losses are far more severe than we are suffering at the hands of illegals from nations Trump has barred entry from, something is needed to be done, rhetoric and doing nothing is making this worse, the crime numbers are claiming, it has to stop.

At this point, I must ask states like California that refuse to cooperate in policing these issues, “Should we include a wall around your state border as well?” Once these illegals gain access to the states that are protecting them, they are then allowed free movement around this nation. If they are not living next to you, they soon will be. One has to ask, how comfortable are you having an MS-13 member living next to you, are you ready for the violence that may follow? And if a cartel member lives next door, what is their reaction going to be when a dispute arises with them? We already know what they are capable of.

While I am a huge fan of the Wall, that is just the first step; I think we are rapidly approaching the place where we need to demand the same extreme vetting we see in Arab lands here south of our border before we allow these unknowns in.



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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