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Catch And Release – Time To End It Now.

Catch And Release – Time To End It Now.

We have seen it on the news, a direct challenge to the sovereignty of the US, not by Americans, rather by immigrants of other nations demanding they be allowed to enter the US illegally. This has grown into a major confrontation with a caravan of illegals, being aided by the Mexican Government, marching to the US border demanding to be allowed to enter. It is time to stop this, but we need to take this further if Mexico is going to challenge our national sovereignty and our right to protect our border, something they do on their southern border, then we as a people have a right to demand our government take up this challenge. One of the first things we need to do is end the Bush and Obama policy of Catch and Release; it is time for this program to go away. 

What is Catch and Release, it basically puts a block on immigration to hold illegal aliens until they can deport them, they have no choice but to release these people caught while trying to enter the US illegally to release them until they have a court date, unfortunately what happens is almost all of these illegals then leave and fade into the population, never heard from again until we catch them, and due to sanctuary city policy, they are releasing these very people, even if caught in the act of a crime. In this Bush was wrong to put such a thing in place, Obama was equally wrong in not only reinstituting this policy but expanding it, now we have the mess on our hands called DACA due to his handling of this. 

We also need to take a look at the caravan headed to the US border, the one by the way that has been aided by the Mexican government to challenge our border and express the rights of illegals to ask, no more demand that they be let into our nation, even though they are openly stating they are doing it illegally. I think the first thing we should do is put a 40% tax on all money being transferred to Mexico from US illegals and legal aliens that have their green card. 

If Mexica still refuses to take care of their side of the border, then maybe we need to stop all trade or maybe look at aid given, even perhaps seal off our borders with the military, put up the wall in a expedited manner and keep the tariff on all money sent to them on a permanent bases. Mexico who has attacked the US verbally over any interference in their own domestic dealings seem to think with cartoons being published by the Mexican government,  teaching their own citizens how to illegally go to the US and work, that is fine, but they then turn around and quickly demand that the US shut down any interference with their sovereignty. Personally, I am tired of their constant hypocrisy, their feeling that they have a right to interfere with our domestic policy while in the next breath demanding their right to interfere with ours. 

So what needs to be done?

First, stop Catch and Release, to expect someone who broke the law coming here to honor it and appear in court is stupid at best, at worst it is a criminal act to act so ignorantly and put the safety of this nation at risk. If you are caught coming here illegally, no more catch and release, you are held until you are seen in court. 

I wanted something done with DACA, seems the left is more interested in protecting their idea of destroying Trump and not allowing him to achieve anything then doing what is best for this nation, so if we end up deporting these people, it is on their heads. The saddest part is these people, many who know nothing but life here are being used as pawns by the left, they could care less about them. 

But what else can we do?

As I stated earlier if Mexico is going to interfere with this policy of ours, then maybe it is time to start hitting them where it hurts, maybe first by putting in place a tariff on all goods that come from Mexico, use this to pay for our added security we need in place due to their actions. Mexico is dependent on our trade, it is, for the most part, a one way street, with a huge surplus coming from Mexico to the US and very little going back, they can’t afford a tariff, this would force most companies that put manufacturing facilities in Mexico to find it cheaper to bring them back. 

Also as I stated earlier, we should look at funding the wall with money these both legal and illegal aliens send back to Mexico and the rest of America’s seems the governments are all in on it, much of what props up the Latin American governments are funds being shipped from the US to families in their nation’s citizens, we put an end to this, or take a good chunk they will have to do some rethinking of their policies in regard to ignoring our needs. 

Why we should act

I went into the cost of illegals in the US in  THE HIDDEN TRUTH – COST OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, in this I show the true cost of illegals to this nation, the left loves to say they contribute about $15 billion to the nation while they ignore the cost of services to these people with schools, lost medical bills, social services runs over a $150 billion, and this does not include the revenue lost in contributions to our society, because of the billions they send to their nations. 

Here is the whole issue in a nutshell. Our responsibility as a nation is not to none citizens, the left has seemed to have forgotten this, it is to our citizens only. We need to seal off our border, not due to lack of humanity, rather protect our sovereignty.  We can’t fix all that ails the world, nor should we, in many cases the people allow these leaders to stay in a place that is making their lives miserable, it is not our responsibility to fix this for them, nor should we have to carry the burden of protecting them from their own mess. Also, this does not bring in the terrible problems we have had with radical elements like Islamic fighters, MS-13, and other illegals coming to America, it is time to clean up this mess, if Congress will not do it, then maybe it is time to do some mass changes in Congress and the Senate. 

Catch and Release is a travesty to our security, it is time to put this policy to rest. If an illegal comes into this nation, they should not be afforded any rights granted under the need to protect our sovereignty, the only rights they should be afforded is to be dealt with humanely, and putting them in detention is not inhumane. We need to end this, as I stated earlier, put in place this wall, it is time to stop talking about it, if our leaders aren’t willing to listen to what we want, I am sure there are others that will.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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