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China and the Left Move Together to Destroy This Nation

China and the Left Move Together to Destroy This Nation

If I was outside, or inside actor, I decided the US no longer deserved the place it holds in the world, what would I do to tear this nation apart, leave it as a shell of what it once was, destroy the very fabric of this nation?

In the Military, they game out scenarios, put themselves in the enemy’s place, and figure out what they would do if they were going to bring this nation to its knees.

For years we have had Russia and China, Iran, and other such enemy states look to the US, plan what they can do to drag us down as a world power. They all know that a head-on strike, attacking with forces on fortress America will never work, so they look at other things they need to do.

The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower, is a fascinating book that takes you into the mindset of the Chinese, their determination to wage total war on the US, the end our time as a superpower, to replace the US as being the only world-leading superpower there is.

Military papers from the Chinese Military has shown they are determined to overtake the US military in strength, a military that just 30 years ago was nothing but a paper tiger, they have invested much of their wealth off of the trade surplus to create a navy that could challenge the US prominence on a world stage. Knowing that the US protects its interests with our navy, China has set about with one goal in mind, to challenge and surpass the US navy, and deny American sea access with denial of area weapons, such as ballistic carrier killers.

Today the nation has two aircraft carriers; a third is currently under construction. The new carrier, the Type 003, will come in at 85 tons, this will put it between the size of the Queen Elizabeth class carriers and the current Ford Class. While the Elizabeth class carrier and the current navy carriers use a ramp for launching their fighters, Type 003 will be fitted with Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, the same system the Ford Class uses. If they can perfect this, this ship will be the second most potent aircraft carrier class in the world, after the Ford-class.

China does not intend to stop here, they have openly stated their intent is to build bigger, to add two more ships that are Ford Class size, with nuclear power, and the ability to be armed with fighters that will rival the F35c the Navy is equipping their carriers with. They say they plan to have this in place within five years from now, although I think the time table is somewhat overstated but could see this in 10 to 12 years, we could be looking at a Chinese fleet of 5 carriers. This would put their forces in that area as almost equal to what America has fielded there. 

Add to this; China currently has 69 landing ships, something they have built up to go after Taiwan. They also have 33 destroyers with another ten presently under construction, 49 frigates with more being built, 50 corvettes and another 21 under construction, 7 SSBNs, and another two under construction with another four on order.

Where China lacks is in catching up the US with deep water attack subs. They currently have 62 conventional attack subs, many of these are with air-independent power sources, they also have 13 nuclear subs and five more under construction.

But it goes much deeper than this, China, instead of building up to take on the US fleet head to head, is building up denial systems that are in place to prevent US forces from operating near their shores; thus they will only need their troops to protect their shipping lands and maybe take over outlying US bases like Guam.

Yet we need to dig deeper into the Chinese mindset. They are not only interested in because of peer or near-peer in military forces but also looking at warfare in ways we don’t. They see causing internal unrest, attacking our financial systems, causing mass casualties and plagues, and widespread hacking attacks as part of the legitimate policy.

What is more, if you add Russia to all of this, and Russia is only all too happy to see the US taken down as a superpower, we could have issues.

But how does this affect our internal issues, to do this, we need to see what is going on from within, how the Chinese and other nations are aiding in stirring up the current crises.

In this, we need to see what their goals are, to tear down this nation from within, something both they and radical actors within the US equally support. Sadly this is becoming more and more widespread within the Democrat party.

So, if I wanted to destroy this nation as a superpower, I would do to stir up pressures from within (I got this from my cousin, a man who served years in the Military, Peter Iverson):

  • Cast doubt about the legitimacy of a democratic election and democracy in general.
  • Flood the country with persons who are not of or for the country (open boarders, no restrictions).
  • Control the information flow to control the people. Ensure at least half the population is getting misinformation and fear.
  • Exaggerate a pandemic in order to illicit fear response. This has two fold effect: cause population to willingly give up freedoms and destroys the economy.
  • Incite riots using already deep seated resentment and inequality by cherry picking stories. This divides the country further through racial tension. It also leads to a police state and martial law.
  • Pit citizens against police. Minimize importance of police
  • Blame nations leader for martial law, economy, racial tension, and riots in order to incite a coup.
  • Country no longer a competitor, no longer a threat.\
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Cast doubt about the legitimacy of the democratic election and democracy in general.

We saw this with the 2016 election; it is still ongoing today. With ex-presidents like Carter saying Trump was not legitimately elected, the push by Democrat leaders even now that somehow the Russians aided in getting Trump elected, the doubt is sown, what the press is now doing is setting up their followers to think if Trump wins this fall, it was stolen, they will need to something about this. 

In this, both Russia and China were more than happy to exploit the doubt that many voters in America had, the left pushed the narrative that somehow, Trump was not our president.

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Flood the country with persons who are not of or for the country (open boarders, no restrictions)

This is evident with the calls for open borders, granting amnesty to illegals, sanctuary cities, and one of the golden ideals of the left. One needs to turn on the TV, read your newspaper; you will see this push by the left on a daily bases.

To hold off any criticism, they label anyone questioning this move as deeply racist; their xenophobia is what is driving this they say, refusing even to answer the simple question, “How do we benefit by allowing people to break the laws entering our nation, and how are they in any way benefiting this nation by thinking they are entitled to live here?”

I ask this question all the time, ask how this is aiding our nation when we look at the actual cost of illegals. Usually, I end up being called a fascist for daring even to pose the question.

These are the same leaders, who when Trump put in the China Travel ban, were screaming how such act was a sign of deep-seated prejudice (amazing how we no longer hear this, other than from China).

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Control the information flow to control the people. Ensure at least half the population is getting misinformation and fear.

We have seen the major networks and news sources come in and openly aid China in this. Sites like MSNBC, Yahoo, and others, which today is where the majority of Americans are accessing the news, face it openly pushing false narratives and censorship of news that is not convenient to their narratives.

ABC, CBS, CNN, and others equally aid in this, the liberal-leaning news is now controlled with a single narrative, to push the liberal ideology. If you look at the news, if you see a talking point come up, within minutes, all the other sites start word for word parroting the same talking points, it is almost as if someone is controlling all the press to make sure it has a unified message.

Any news that does not follow the line is painted as fake news, or worse, as racist in nature. The push to standardize law to push complete control of the news by the big three and their internet leaders, such as MSNBC is growing in the halls of congress, CNN has claimed a monopoly on blaring their station in every school, air port, anyplace that mass gathers are in place.

While there are other sources of news out there, the big tech companies work to demonize them. Liberals like sheep follow this advice, not willing to do any fact-checking themselves. They are soon in step with the mandated belief system that is demanded by the left. A great example of this is the rioting, the calls for how deeply institutionalized racism runs in this nation, yet ask for evidence; you’re attacked as a denier, they try to shut you up. One has to wonder, why are they so threatened that instead of showing the evidence, if there is any, they work twice as hard to silence you?

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Exaggerate a pandemic in order to illicit fear response. This has two fold effect: cause population to willingly give up freedoms and destroys the economy.

America sadly was all too willing to run along with this narrative. A Pandemic we were told, yet even at 100,000 deaths, this only turned out to a loss of .02% of the population, triple the number we had from Influenza in 2019. The problem though with this number, as we are finding out now, many deaths that were due to pre-existing conditions, or if there were no symptoms, yet the virus was found, they would attribute the deaths to this virus. The reality is if you take these away, the number of deaths from Covid-19 could be right in line with what we saw from Influenza.

Yet how is the public’s response to this? Churches shut down; businesses shuttered until they ran out of business. In the end, the devastation from our leadership overreaction is far worse then any enemy could have struck us with.

People were willing to give up civil liberties in the fear. We have gone from “Give us liberty or give us death” to “Give up your liberty; it is never worth dying for.”

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Incite riots using already deep seated resentment and inequality by cherry picking stories. This divides the country further through racial tension. It also leads to a police state and martial law.

The constant victimhood we hear from the African American community, a narrative that has been supported by the left, no president pushed this harder then Obama, claimed every injustice, if you disagreed with him on policy, political thinking that was different then his, it was due to racism.

Hearing this for eight years, then along comes Trump, says ‘no, you were victims of a great lie, let me help you’: worked to create the best unemployment figures the African American community has ever experienced threatened the hold the Democrats had over this American demographic, a group they knew, if they could throw a bone here and there, they will continue to follow blindly.

Before the outbreak, blacks were leaving the democrat party in numbers that were causing concern with the left; this, in turn, was rapidly turning into a panic. It was then advantageous to them to play the racist card and support the riots; they were playing right into the plans our enemies wanted.

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Pit citizens against police. Minimize importance of police, bring about anarchy.

No place have we seen the left move in ways that would strengthen what the enemy wants then in the movement by leftist politicians calling for either defunding or disbanding the police force. Some have gone so far as to say that if you fight against disbanding the police and have a home invasion, and you have an issue with this, it is only due to your deep-seated racism.

Anarchy, to have no go zones in cities as we see in Europe, is the dream of the leftist leaders, they live in gated communities, if things get too back, they can do as Ilhan did and call for the UN to occupy parts of the US.

Chaos and loss of control play into the political hand of the socialist; they want this then can come into a situation they created, and act like they were the great saviors. After being traumatized from such a case, the people could care less who caused this. They only want peace; later, if they object, as we have seen in other socialist nations, they disappear.

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Blame nations leader for martial law, economy, racial tension, and riots in order to incite a coup.

By creating a lawless mob in large cities, riots and marches so large the police are unable to contain them, the left that is agitating for social change knows this will bring the president to see little choice but to call up the military, suspend civil liberties and declare martial law. The question remains, can they impose this long enough to bring such an even up, or will the outcry quickly escalate that they will have little choice but to bring the cities back under control.

What many don’t realize is that when martial law is put into place, the right to free speech, to assemble is done away with, if you post seditious material, you will be arrested and judged, but under a military court, not a civil one.

Martial law gives the military the right to run the area and take these actions:

1. Confiscation of Firearms

2. Enforcement of Curfew with deadly force

3. Restriction of Free Speech and the right to assemble in protest

4. Removal from property with no due process.

5. Seizure of all emergency food supplies.

6. Detained or Imprisoned at Will

Being used to the freedoms we know as a nation, the leftist leaders know if we take them, the people feel they are entitled to them, the hope would be mass protests, mass deaths, thus causing insurrection and open rebellion against the established government, thus enabling them the right to seize power in the name of the national good.

China and other enemies of our nation know if we are forced to draw the military in, we, in turn, will expose our allies with a lack of support, thus giving them an avenue to expand.

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Country no longer a competitor, no longer a threat.

If the Chinese, our enemies, and the left, know if they can force this on our nation, our influence on a worldwide stage will be done, as our reach is pulled back our enemies will be ready to move in to fill the void quickly.

Further, by weakening this nation, the Democrats know they will have more power with an angry populous to enact laws they see as more vital than the survival of this nation, a nation they openly state they hate.

We can see the Chinese designs for America, sadly, much of what they desire seems to mingle with what the liberal left wants, what remains in question is how much these two sides are working together, where work of like-minded ideology is done. Still, the question remains, is one side is clueless what the other hand is doing?

We could look at world players like Soros, see how much he is working with China, or is China a useful ally of the moment to him?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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