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China, Russia, Iran, Our Enemies Behind Rioting, Looting, COVID-19, pushing Election Conflict.

China, Russia, Iran, Our Enemies Behind Rioting, Looting, COVID-19, pushing Election Conflict.

I was speaking with someone that has access to high-level government work when questioning over the intel on all that is going on was surprised when he told me that if you look at the finding for the Biden campaign, you will see hundreds of millions being pushed into the campaign by unemployed citizens, but this is not coming from them, this is money being laundered through by foreign powers to give the Democrats the type of funding that is needed to defeat Trump. But he told me things are much, much worse than this.

What we are facing is the perfect storm, sadly our intelligence services have such a hatred for Trump they are willing to ignore the foreign meddling so long as they get what they want, Trump removed from office come next year. The funds for the Biden campaign is the least of the problems we face; the financing for Antifa, Black Lives Matter, different seditious groups on both sides of the extreme politically are having funds coming to them from mysterious sources, sources that trace back to China, Russia, and the Middle East, yet nothing is being said.

The press knows of this, yet the evidence is not enough for sites like FOX to come out and expose; the Leftist media does not care; if foreign meddling is needed to rid themselves of Trump, they will cry foul over perceived interference while ignoring the real thing.

Yet this is not the end goal; the end goal is to destroy America as a world power, to force us to draw in forces to deal with turmoil at home so these forces can expand in our absence. Thus the seeds were laid with the last election, now are being heavily planted to set this nation on a path towards a second civil war.

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The knowledge is that neither China, Russia, nor Iran can stand up to the US; they would be hard-pressed to challenge us even if they did so on a united front. Yet, if they can weaken the resolve of America, set our nation burning over perceived injustice in our election, thus setting off a conflict where one side feels the election was stolen, that force is needed to right things. They will have succeeded in forcing the world’s most powerful military to turn to focus within rather than doing what it has been doing for the last 70-years, standing up to them around the world.

What we are seeing are news articles that run singly, this way, news sites like New York Times can say they reported on it, but these are fluff pieces, buried, and never is any follow-up work done.

Why is this happening? One can speculate, but we have seen under the Trump administration a willingness of the US to stand up to both China and Russia, to demand that they play like the rest of the world actors or face the consequences. In the past, we may have heard presidents make such statements, but they never did anything, this was nothing but empty words. Trump came along, put in tariffs, something China has just succeeded in getting the world court to say is illegal, not that Trump cares, we don’t answer to this court, but it puts China in light of being the victim, rather than getting punished for its deeds.

Russia, Iran, China In 1st Ever War Drill In “Message To The World” - Signs  Of The Last Days

Where do Iran and its allies fit into this? The most significant pushback they are facing is from the US and its Arab allies. If they can force the US to pull back, they will be able to free up more forces to put pressure on their enemies, ultimately looking to deal with the one nation that is a constant thorn in their side, Israel.

What we are facing is a three-fold attack, thus setting up the perfect storm. One, we have the Middle East being looked at as a place that China and Russia want us out of. To do this, they need to force us back, thus laying Israel bare; facing hostile Arab nations by themselves.

Two, we are looked at as the one means of holding the wall up between Russia and Europe; China also knows their only avenue to access Europe is first to force the US to pull back; this is why they, by all means, want the US military tied up.

Three, China, Russia, and Iran know that if they don’t do anything, every step they make to try to control how the world functions will be challenged by the US. We need to understand that in Arab lands, there are two powers that are trying to set up what they see as their rightful heritage. On one side, we have Iran, the other Turkey, both of them have no problem working to gain what they feel is their proper place. Yet there are two obstacles in their way, the US and Israel, it is advantageous for both Arab powers to force the US to pull back, they then can unite to go after Israel.

This leaves the most significant worry, Iran and Turkey know they have no nukes, or if Iran does have nukes, they would be crude, would be hard placed to use them against a nation like Israel. This leaves Turkey looking towards a source they feel is their nukes by right, the US nukes held in Incirlik Air Base, at present, there are 50 B83 and B61 bombs. Most notable are the people of Turkey feel these are rightfully theirs; they aren’t, they are borrowed to NATO as part of deterrence, a total of 200 weapons. I have had many arguments with them over this.

This has gotten so bad that many experts say that we need to move the nukes out, right now that is impossible; Turkey has put up monitors, so they will know if we are doing this. One has to wonder, how exactly are they our ally?

We see now moves to set this nation aflame; the left has played to the marionettes control from foreign powers, rising to fight the government, threatening to burn cities, and force the US to bring martial law.

With China ramping up spending on disrupting our election, we are seeing foreign money coming in at unprecedented amounts, since this is coming in to aid the Democrats in their quest to rid themselves of Trump, the liberal press is mute on the subject.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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