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China Stole Our Ability To Manufacture While Our Leaders did Nothing, Isn’t It Time They Answer For this?

China Stole Our Ability To Manufacture While Our Leaders did Nothing, Isn’t It Time They Answer For this?

Some of you may ask, how did China steal this from us? We in the US have heard from the Chinese that if we don’t sing to their narrative, they could blockade all medicine coming from China. The problem with this is over 95% of our antibiotics, insulin, and other life-saving drugs are made in China, so what happens to our people if they decide to cut-off this supply, and how did they get this capability? Our leaders did nothing while our ability to be self-sustaining was taken; they did nothing as China stole away this ability.

China stole the capacity from the world by having its government subsidize Chinese manufactures who then sold their goods at cut-throat prices. They did this until they had cornered the market, thus shutting down the ability of anyone to compete, thus running the rest of the world’s manufactures of pharmaceuticals out of business. They did the same with the production of computer chips, semiconductors, and other items needed for manufacturing in this modern era.

We now are 100% dependent on China, our civilian population is put at great risk with a nation who is not our friend, is competing for world domination, so what do we do, give them 100% control of all electronics, pharmaceuticals, and rare earth elements, this makes no sense, our leadership has not only failed us, they have done so miserably.

Trump, from day one, has talked about bringing this capacity back to the US, has said it is a national priority, what did the Democrats, and many within the GOP do? They scoffed at him, have put up roadblocks to prevent this from happening, now we as a nation are at risk, and what do our politicians do? They ignore this, act as if they don’t pay attention to this crisis; it will go away. Our politicians are happy to continue to allow China to steal more and more from us, so long as they continue to get paid for it.

The government is put in place, not to enrich politicians, to support their causes, it is to enhance and protect our nation, our citizens, to allow us to go on about pursuing a fruitful life, to aid in protecting us as we do this, but the government hasn’t been able to do this. By ignoring what has happened, sitting on their hands as more and more of our capacity is stole from us by the actions of China, one has to wonder, what master do these people serve?

While I 100% agree that the stimulus at this point is needed, this is an enemy that no one saw coming, no, I take that back, many saw it coming, we have heard for years calls of alarm that there could be a rapidly spreading pandemic due to globalism. Still, we and the government ignored this, acted as if it was something out of a great novel, did not have much of bases in truth to it. By doing nothing, our leaders did nothing while this was taken, how is it then that they now can cry crises when they watched China as they stole this ability, yet did nothing?

In this, I hold our long-serving Representatives and Senators responsible. They did not see it, so they ignored this, refused to do anything to ensure that we would have better protection from such a pandemic. I blame the Presidents, Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush, Reagan, and others for not fighting to see to it that this reserve capacity was not put in place. Our government has failed us and done so badly.

Where were Pelosi, Ryan, and the other House leaders in ensuring this was protected against? What about Schumer, Reid, McConnell, and others within the Senate leadership, why did they not do anything? Their job, above trying to get their special interest passed was to see to it that structures were put in place to aid this nation in such an event, why is there nothing? They fiddled as they watched our ability to do this burn away, sat on their hands, and said nothing as the enemy stole this.

I am not giving our president a pass, him dismissing the agency that was supposed to do this, cutting off funding was a failure on his part as well, I will not stick up for him when he has messed things up like this, but I hold equally all the people serving in Washington 20 and 30 years, why wasn’t anything put in place for this?

I also believe in giving credit where it is due, once this crisis did set upon us, Trump did act quickly to try to stem this, in this, he does very much deserve credit, I equally give the Democrats credit for trying to destroy this economy while they are trying to use this pandemic to advance their goals, to force a liberal ideology on the people, or we will end up with nothing, is this a party that is serving the people? I say not; they are nothing but a self-serving party.

We have an election coming up in eight months; it is time we let our politicians know that these actions or lack of them need to be answered for. The politicians that have little or nothing, they have to go. The Democrats that have used this crisis to promote their ideology over aiding the Americans; they need to go, this is not what serving this nation is about.

There is a great need for people to step up, challenge Pelosi, AOC, and others, and this goes from both sides of the Isle, clear out the old-fashioned way of doing things, bring in people that will look to bringing this government back to what it was intended to be.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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  1. Henry Stevens

    I don’t think that they had to work very hard to steal anything. Team CFR was doing everything within its grasp to build communist China’s power. Your should read “May God Forgive us” by Robert Welch.


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