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China ThreatS Over Coronavirus, Illinois City Give Right to Suspends 2nd Amendment over crises

China ThreatS Over Coronavirus, Illinois City Give Right to Suspends 2nd Amendment over crises

Support in China Growing For Blaming The US For China’s growing epidemic.

China has officially blamed the US for their Coronavirus outbreak, saying that athletes that visited China caused the outbreak, although there is no evidence to support this claim.

What is worrying about this claim is that to save face China is selling this to their people, which is rapidly picking up traction in the Chinese Media, one has to wonder where will this stop?

As I had shown with the article, China Threatens to withhold all Medical Exports; such a move would shut down the US medical field since we rely on them for almost all our antibiotics, insulin, and medical equipment.

The problem arises in that China is using this to hold off their citizens on how China handled the outbreak, instead are using this as an excuse to try to put Trump and our government’s feet in the fire, force concessions in our trade agreement or face a possible cut off of all Medical Exports.

We hear the outrage from the left, that President Trump is not doing enough to get more ventilators in, but where are the majority of these made in? That would be in China, with them in the middle of an epidemic, the talking heads know they aren’t going to be willing to ship here at the expense of their people, so they complain that we don’t have them, but refuse to explain why.

The reason we are having the issues now has everything to do with the people that are currently in Washington DC, since the days of Clinton they have happily increased Chinese production while throwing ours out the door, refusing to acknowledge the position they have placed us in. I am not blaming this on one party. Both parties are equally guilty of this.

The worst part of this, Twitter allowed China to pressure them to block a US Senator, Republican Rep. Jim Banks, for daring to call out China on this obvious false allegation, but that did not matter to Twitter, having pressure from China was more important than protecting the free speech rights of a US Senator.

Liberal Governor Gains Power To Stop all Alcohol and Gun Sales

The mayor of Champaign, Illinois has issued an executive order in response to the coronavirus that could potentially ban the sale of firearms and ammunition.

Champaign’s mayor Feinen’s declaration of emergency Friday, claiming the coronavirus has caused him to declare this emergency, saying it was needed to stop the spread of the virus. The Executive order gives Frank Feinen the right to ban the sales of firearms, ammunition, the purchase of alcohol, and the sale or giving away of gasoline or other flammable, combustible product, as was reported by WAND 17.

What we are going to see is that in addition to trying to blame this contagion outbreak on Trump, the left is now using this as a means to justify their suspending our constitutional right.

One has to ask, how does suspending alcohol or gun sales combat this virus, are they afraid we may shoot that virus? Or maybe that we may take it out for a dink, then bury it where no one will find that coronavirus.

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