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What to do about China’s espionage and Intellectual Theft?

What to do about China’s espionage and Intellectual Theft?

What to do about China’s espionage and Intellectual Theft?

China for years has been taking advantage of America, have openly stolen from us, rather than confront them on their practice of theft of American products, many which we have pumped in billions to develop, the US has for years ignored this, acted like it did not happen. We have seen them become bold enough in this practice that they have openly flaunted this to our officials when we visit them; it is time to stop this! It looks like Trump is the man to do this.

One of America’s great strengths is their ability to research, pump in billions, even trillions into new and modern tech, bring in the best minds in the world, have them set up teams that discover what twenty years ago seemed an impossibility, today we are seeing the dreams and impossible discoveries coming true.

But with this research and tech explosion comes a problem, other nations that either have not got the money to invest into the tech or as is the case with China, they are not willing to wait for the 20 to 25 year period that is needed to bring about discovery are fruition. Not to mention the infrastructure of universities, top-secret research facilities, along with the personnel and the know-how to produce what is desired, many nations simply chose to steal what they want, or at least take enough to be set well along with their to catching up to where the US is.

What is more, they do so openly, nations like China have our dignitaries over there, then bring out the equipment they built from what they stole and parade it in front of them and the world.

As is a common thought, taking a system like the B2, F22, F117 or later the F35 is a timely work that takes billions in R&D, research that most never hear of due to it being locked in deeply secret programs.

But it goes deeper, to create the theory that is later put into practical use, that costs billions more in grants, research time, work that is many times classified before any work being done, or in some cases when a line of research is found to be viable. If it can be weaponized it is slapped with a top-secret classification; sub portioned into departments that are so deep into the secret world, the only way you can get access is with not only the top-secret or higher security clearance but a need to know as well.

It is this world that many of our allies, none aligned nations and our enemies as well want to get their eyes and ears into, prior to the electronic revolution they did so by recruiting spies that would bring in James Bond type of gadgets, take pictures and in some secret drop, straight out of some spy novel would pick up the material they had paid hundreds of thousands or millions for.

Today this is much easier, you can have a kid fresh out of college, sometimes new out of high school, give them a computer, the ability and funds to add on what they need so far as hardware goes, then provide the tech support needed to develop worms, viruses, Trojans and malware that secrets itself into systems and whisks away the data that some foreign operative sitting behind desk thousands of miles away in a windowless room is waiting for.

The need of spies, although they still are recruited is drastically reduced, exposure is also eliminated until after the deed is done, then nothing is done about it, both sides changed their security protocols, add to their firewalls, and the whole incident is swept under the rug, well until we see a fighter show up in a foreign land that is filled with the same tech we had spent years and billions working on. And what happens when this is done, NOTHING!

We need to change this, does not matter if it is an ally, neutral country, or an enemy state, we must figure out a way first to either recoup our investment that was stolen or to punish for taking it. If we have a nation like China or Russia that not only openly stealing tech, but openly then flaunt the new equipment to us, and then look at us with disdain, then hit them where they will feel it, take what they have stolen, figure out our R&D, the time of research, add it all up, then charge it off the national debt they own.

If the Stealth we developed had a trillion-dollar price tag when you figure R&D, the cost of funding multiple universities, the education for the people that worked to create it, then calculate the value, also add in the price we have to spend later to counter this, then charge it off, who knows, maybe we may get rid of a couple trillion of our national debt.

But we need to do more, we need to look at a new branch in the military, the facts are that hacking and theft through electronic espionage is vast, we are far from adequately set up to fight this, fighting this with little groups here and there. Expecting businesses, specifically our tech sectors to fund their security when it is the defense items the hackers are as a rule going after, we need to put in place a robust organization to stop this.

We spend 13 billion building a ship like the USS Ford, but what happens, China has already hacked into the companies that have researched electromagnetic launch systems and have the plans themselves. The same with their Shenyang-J-31and, the Chengdu J-20, are two fighters that come to mind, but there is more, China is developing an Aegis system off what they stole from the US, they have the Type 726

J31 Fighter

“Yuyi” (a exact clone of the LCAC), Dongfeng EQ2050 Mengshi “Brave Soldier” (backwards engineered HUMVEE), the 052D Destroyer which is built with much of the tech stolen from our Aegis ships, the CQ Rifle which is a almost exact knock off of our AR15, a copy taken from our Blackhawk helicopters we sent them, they stripped them down, then reverse engineered to create a almost exact copy.

And  they have taken not only from the US but Russia as well, Russia sells them fighters because they are desperate for hard currency, China happily pays for a few, strips them down, figures out how they are built, then proceeds to build them themselves, thus avoiding paying for the tech research themselves, in fact any nation that sells tech to China knows that if you sell to them you will see a reproduction come out rather quickly. Thus they refuse to pay any copyright fees.

Naturally this does not just extend to the military sector, you have knock offs of Apple Products, Microsoft, and any other tech we pay them to produce, they not only produce the product, they then give all the tech we hand them to pirate companies and produce items like Lee Jeans, and other household goods or everyday tech we use.

So, what do we do about it?

This is the biggest problem, we are doing nothing, Washington complains, all the other nations do as well, but no one does anything. We first need to figure out what this is doing, well other then money flying out the window, but how is this affecting our national security, not only the funds, but the lifetime many commit to research and discovery by the men and women in the scientific world, the sweat and tears put into a discovery, having to hide what you have been doing from your family, all to be stolen in a few key strokes, yet nothing is done.

Do I have to wonder why? The fact that China holds trillions of debt, but if you figure what they stole from us in intellectual rights, not to mention profits stolen from investors that will not see a return for money the companies they hold stocks in, this effects in one way or another every American. So what do we do about it?

I think the first thing we need to do is push Congress to set up a new department that is part of our national defense, say a department of Cyber Security, give it not only the ability to protect not only our military, but our nation from overseas intellectual theft, but to have the ability if needed to be used as a offensive weapon as well. You have in little nations like Israel such programs set up, even poor nations like North Korea have this, Russia and China have their own programs, so why don’t we?

Furthermore, if we have a trillion or more tied into a military, our power structure in America, in fact, was as a nation would find our very survival as we know is dependent on our ability to protect these systems. Our industrial base is attacked every day, every minute, these are not industrial hacks, these are coming from national cyberwar rooms, to expect a company, no matter how large they are to hold up on their own investments against a nation is silly at best, downright negligent in regards to our national defense at worse.

We need to understand that as much as there are enemies that wish to tear us down with military force, there are the same players that look daily in how they can do that by shutting down our cyber ability. We spend more than the next 5 or 6 nations combined on our defense, yet we aren’t spending much on the very glue that holds our society together.

What is more, we do nothing when we are stolen from, this needs to stop, if you are caught hacking, we should deal with it in the cyber world the same way we do in the real world, you attack, we respond by destroying whatever system you are attacking from, if you do damage to our infrastructure, then return the favor in kind.

But we also need to have the ability to calculate the cost of what is stolen, with International players like China, we should be able to look at what they stole, put a price tag on it, then take it off the top of what they have invested in our national debt, if they stole intellectual property worth a trillion or two, then tell them that much of their debt will be nationalized, the US will reimburse the ones the theft was against, this is the one way these people will learn.

And I am not just speaking about China, we have had our closest allies doing the same. If an Allie does this, then you call them out, charge off of any aid what they stole if there is an aid, otherwise push to set up an international cyber court to take nations that steal too, the same way we have an international court of Justice.

I think we need to have a clarification though, there is needed real intelligence, that would be of weapons capability, troop movement along with other such vital things that are needed for our national security, you can’t charge off on that, and in a time of war, then all is fair in love and war. Also, if you have state player that is trying to develop weapons, you find out how they work to counter them, that is one thing, but to copy, produce and not pay any money for this knowledge, then that should be open for full litigation.

I think the trade war Trump has currently going with China is doing much to correct this. As has been the case in the past, when you allow one to take advantage over you, to steal what they wish, when you say no more, at first they don’t believe you, then resist this by any means, from this they go-to threats. This is where China is now, soon will come the acceptance that the status quo is no longer viable for either party.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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