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Chinese ‘Visiting Scholar’ Laughs and Brags About Dead American Coronavirus Victims and How This Will “Force the U.S. to Die”

Chinese ‘Visiting Scholar’ Laughs and Brags About Dead American Coronavirus Victims and How This Will “Force the U.S. to Die”

A scholar in the US with a Green Card delivered what can only be labeled hate speech, bragging and laughing about dead Americans and how China will watch America die due to coronavirus as China passes us by. What is worse, he openly admits that the Virus came from China.

His speech was exposed by Jennifer Zenk, who is a proud American. She was disgusted with his behavior and how he thought Americans’ deaths was something to laugh about.

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Because the speech is in Mandarin, she includes a English translation on the bottom of the video.

The most disgusting part of this, his bragging how China was destroying America, he is a Chinese American.

He received his MA in Sociology from Missouri U, Ph.D. from the Illinois U.

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Wikipedia has his bio to be translated from Chinese: WIKIPEDIA

it is interesting to call attention to the big box stores that sell Chinese “crap”…They’ve been doing really well while small businesses are dying:

I think the part that disgusts me the most, people like Biden, Harris, and the DNC, they go out of their way to defend China, all while attacking Russia, who is little threat to America, but because Trump exposed their lie, the Democrats have made their stand, they can’t change it to face reality right now.

Being married to an Asian wife, I would not blame all Asians for this, but find the fact that a man who was raised in the US would have such hatred for his own country. Come to think of it; he will fit well within the Democrat party.

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