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Cleaning Out Never Trumpers, Sign Of Things To Come?

Cleaning Out Never Trumpers, Sign Of Things To Come?

John Rood, the top policy official at the Pentagon, who was also an outspoken critic of Trump, one of the Never Trumpers, has been fired from his position within the Pentagon. Others now are scurrying for cover, wonder if they are going to be next. Trump is looking to clean out the Pentagon of resistance towards his policy, people are being told to either get with the game or get out, the time of trying to resist from the shadows are over, as the Trump administration trains their light on them.

With re-election looming, Trump has held off what was needed for the last three years, cleaning out of government positions employees who have forgotten that their job is to implement the policies of the president, not the policies that they support. It is looking like what we are seeing now, and have seen for the last three years, cleaning out of people of the resistance in the government, which has been a trickle, if he wins his re-election bid, and it is looking more and more like he will, this trickle could swell into a flood.

We have seen the resistance in the courts, that could be harder to control, but if we can give back the GOP a majority in the House and Senate, along with a Trump re-election, we could encourage our legislators to start looking at impeachment of judges that think it’s their right to legislate from the bench.

The first judge I would start with is Amy Berman Jackson, the judge over the Rodger Stone case who has done nothing but make up false accusations, lie her head off, all in the name of political activism. She is one of the visible leaders of the Never Trumpers sitting on the bench.

Differences debated, distinctness encouraged not censored because our political view is different than yours.

But this needs to go much, much deeper. The Justice Department, the FBI, State, and others require a good old fashion cleaning. People are not in positions of power to direct government policy; they are there to support the policies their elected officials put in place, this is how this government was set up, sadly this over time has been lost to the workers within the government.

This does put in the spotlight something else I have been wondering about. The president can be elected for two terms; they spend their first term trying to fight for re-election, much of their last two years are spent trying to set up for their re-election, this takes away from them doing their job. I am beginning to wonder, would we be better off allowing one term of seven or eight years, then they are done? This would allow the policies they wish to be put in place; then, when their time is finished, they are done.

I would not stop here, we have Congress that is elected for two years, they spend half their time during those two years trying to get re-elected, why not elect for four years, then allow five terms, then they are done. Do the same with the Senate, but keep six years, give three terms, then have them done as well. At this point they should be banned from running for any office, other than the president, we could clean up the houses of corrupt politicians that are serving until they die on their seats.

Speaking of dying in their seats, we should look to the Supreme Court as well, we put people in that can’t even function, but they are serving until they die as they are judging over the most critical cases in our nation? Why not put in place a 15-year term, this may seem radical, but Supreme Court Judges serve an average of a little more than 17 years, it would not be as much of a change as thought.

Extend this to the lower courts, we not only should have limits but also make a streamlined process to remove justices that think they have a legal right to create policies from the bench. We have seen this with the continuous attacks against Trump from Never Trumpers sitting on our bench, how they have taken power away from the legislative and executive branch, and have tried to wield this power themselves.

With the deep state actors, I am beginning to wonder, should we do the same thing with government employment? Should there be limits of time served? In the military, they have this, yet we have people working in the halls of government, people who have never been elected to any position thinking they are more empowered to make decisions and guide the direction of this nation then our elected officials, this is a perversion of what our founders wanted. This would do much to clean out the activist, the deep state actors that are part of the resistance, or the Never Trumpers.

People who have never been elected to any position thinking they are more empowered to make decisions and guide the direction of this nation then our elected officials, this is a perversion of what our founders wanted.

I hope that Trump does this nation a service by cleaning out the Never Trumpers from within our government. Yet this needs to go much deeper then this, what we need are officials we put in power to understand this and be willing to go out and implement this need, to vote for the will of the people, not to continue to hold onto their power.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


  1. Mark Pitrone

    Changing the length of the Executive’s term would require an amendment to the Constitution, which needs 2/3 support from both houses of Congress and ¾ of the States [under Article 5].

    BTW, Trump has doing pretty well, so far, in this election year. I don’t see the NEED to change the length of the President’s term[s].

    • Tim Benton

      I was thinking more after Trump, what do we do in the future? This would allow a president to come in, just focus on his job, no need to be campaigning, unless it is to help a Senator or Congressman with theirs.
      I do understand the need for a 2/3rds support, see no way the current crop of people serving in both houses would agree to this, it would take a constitutional convention.


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