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CNN And Liberal Left Now Offended By The Truth

CNN And Liberal Left Now Offended By The Truth

In the twisted logic of the Liberal left and CNN, today pointing out a group of migrants, like the Asians, who have succeeded by working, contributing to society, have sought out a better education for their children, well this is racist, how dare you do this, think about the ones that refuse to work, live off of welfare, how do you think this makes them feel? Thus the decent to idiocy from the left, known as liberal thought, starts.

I was looking at the news cycles coming out, glaring back at me was the headingCNN Guest Called Out For Using Asians To Defend Trump After ‘Shithole’ Comments“, I read through the article, they summed it up as, 

The idea of Asians as the “good immigrants” ― wealthier, better educated and higher skilled ― is a harmful stereotype that pits Asians against other communities of color, often only to the benefit of white people.

So the whole premise now is if we speak the truth, somehow sticking with facts is harmful to other immigrants that are living up to the same standards. In other words, the fact that Asian Americans are doing as well as they are doing, assimilating into society, having a lower unemployment rate due to more participation in the workforce is somehow evil, how dare someone point this out. And to do so only benefits white people? Hmm, I thought this benefited all of America, the nation the left loves to tell us that is so multicultured. In other words, they refuse to acknowledge this, thus showing their own racism, they see a benefit as only going to the “White People”, thus ignore the rest of the society, guess they don’t matter to liberals, well unless they want their votes. 

Now in this, I can speak from personal experience, my wife is an Asian immigrant, although she came over here at a very young age, 3 months old. Her mother and father fought with the US in the Vietnam war, they came from a small Hmong village up in the mountains, the US recruited both her parents who during the war went behind enemy lines and helped get out downed pilots out of enemy controlled areas. For this, when the US left, they left them with the Communist who then took revenge on them for aiding the Americans, wiped out much of their village, my mother-in-law and her husband along with their firstborn strapped on her back had to set out over the mountains to escape so as to save their child. 

They sat in a camp in Thailand with others who had aided the US, fled because staying in the area would have resulted in their deaths, then three years later were admitted into the US, this is how they came over. 

Was it easy? Of course not, on the way over the mountains the mother had to force a miscarriage, she was pregnant, knew she could not cross the mountains, they all would have died, so she was forced into the unthinkable, sacrifice one to save the rest. Worse, after all the struggles to get here the father of the family died due to complications of wounds from the war, this left the mother suddenly alone with 10 kids to raise them on her own, now instead of staying home and demanding the state pay for them, although I do know they did get some help for the first year, the mother started working two and three jobs at a time, set up her own garden, basically worked herself almost to death while the older kids raised the younger ones. Today this would be a terrible thing, how DARE she not stop working, go on welfare and become a victim, how DARE she was not a victim, this made the rest of the immigrants look bad. 

This is a mindset that is driven into the minds of every Hmong person I know that has come over here, they garden, work many times two and three jobs, if a new family comes over they pitch in and help them out, the same way European migrants did in the 1800’s and 1900’s, they did not have welfare back then, you came to family over here, you all pitched in, aided the family until they got to their feet and adjusted to their new life, when they were, they were expected to do the same in turn. This today is seen as evil by CNN, how dare people teach self-efficiency, to learn how to fit into the community, learn the language and become contributing members, and there is a great reason for this.

The Democrats have given up on us, the American people, well they use us, more so the Black Communities, throw candy and some money at them during elections, then forget about everyone when they go to the capital. They instead of trying to recruit a new base, they want massive migration into this county, and they don’t want them working, they may not stick with or be beholding to the liberals, no, they want them to go on welfare, to be dependent on the government for their living, that makes them and their kids more likely to stay Democrats, that is the reason for all of this.

So what does this really mean? The Democrats and their spokespersons like CNN know their message has died among the common man. Sure, they go into campus’s, have the youth stirred up, but as a rule these same youth when they get out in the real world, start to work, see all their hard earned labor going to support someone that does not wish to work, then be browbeaten and called names if they dare to question them, they start to leave the party, so they need to do something new, and thus the plan to inundate this nation with migrants, they will be beholding to the left, they want them from third world nations, they are not prepared to work,  and like many in the inner city now, will be dependent on the state for their living, thus will also vote to maintain this. 

CNN has once more shown how the Democrats have given up on all of us, one has to ask, why haven’t more of us given up on them?


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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