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CNN Fake News With Claims Of Trump Retaliation

CNN Fake News With Claims Of Trump Retaliation

CNN this weekend in blaring headlines claimed that Trump was on a vindictive revenge firing of people that spoke out against him, but is this true? We find, as, with most articles from CNN, fiction and facts are two different things.

This report started after Trump had security escort Lt. Col. Vindman out of the White House, but he was never fired, he lost the faith of the President, as was Trump’s right, he had him reassigned to the Pentagon. At the same time, he had his twin brother, White House legal counsel, escorted out as well and resigned to the Pentagon.

Also, Ambassador Kurt Volker, the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine resigned, but this was due to Congress, not the President, although I would not find fault if Trump did this, Ambassadors are there to represent the U.S. and the President in foreign nations if they are going to work against the President, how can they serve him?

Asked why he had resigned, he said the inquiry itself, not the President, had caused him to leave: “I felt that I would no longer be effective as a special representative with this impeachment inquiry beginning and my name associated with that and all the media attention around that. I didn’t think I would be able to go to Ukraine or meet with Russians and be able to carry out those duties in that way anymore.”

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National Security Council (NSC) official Tim Morrison, whose testimony was also beneficial to the President’s defense against impeachment, specifically told Congress that his departure and the inquiry were unrelated: “I do not want anyone to think there is a connection between my testimony today and my impending departure,” he said. He explained that he had already decided to leave the NSC.

There were not eight people being fired or let go, as CNN falsely claims, at this point, there were only two that were reassigned, NSC official Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who was reassigned along with his brother, Yevgeny, who had worked as an ethics official in the NSC. Neither of the Vindman’s was fired, they were reassigned to the Pentagon.

The problem with Lt. Col. Vindman is he works in the White House at the pleasure of the President. The President has to be able to trust completely the people working within the White House. Yet, Vindman showed that he was not interested in serving the President; he was more interested in promoting an agenda that was not the Presidents. This is why he was reassigned. The President could no longer trust him.

The Democrats are again blowing this out of proportion, Senator Schumer is asking the Department of Justice to investigate the Vindman firing, but he was never fired, he was simply reassigned, but that does not prevent the narrative from going forward.

One has to ask, where are the other eight? Or did CNN, as they have done time after time with the Trump administration, create a headline, then hope they can find dirt to back it up?

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