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CNN’s John Harwood Attacks GOP, Says ‘They Would Go Smack Their Moms In The Face’ If Trump Said To

CNN’s John Harwood Attacks GOP, Says ‘They Would Go Smack Their Moms In The Face’ If Trump Said To

CNN’s John Harwood attacked the GOP on Friday, suggesting they would do just about anything if President Donald Trump told them to do it.

Harwood, CNN’s senior White House correspondent, reacted to the news that 106 Republican House members are backing the Texas lawsuit, which aims to reverse the results of the election. The lawsuit accuses multiple states of illegally changing election guidelines resulting in mass voter fraud and urges the Supreme Court to intervene.

“But because they’re [GOP] afraid of him [Trump] and afraid of the supporters that he holds the loyalty of and because the only principle that matters to them is holding onto power, they’ve agreed to sign on to this preposterous lawsuit aimed at the throwing out the votes in other states, in four battleground states,” Harwood told CNN anchor Kate Bolduan on “CNN Newsroom.”

“Kate these are people who if Donald Trump said I’m going to trash you on Twitter unless you go smack your mom in the face, they would go smack their moms in the face and try to explain it to them afterwards. In reality what they’re doing is smacking American democracy in the face,” he continued on to say.

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Bolduan did not push back on Harwood’s statement and replied by saying that “it’s pretty remarkable.” Harwood also said that this news “is a demonstration by House Republicans of the extent of the rot inside the Republican Party right now” before declaring that Trump will leave the White House and is likely to “have a lot of problems” afterward.

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“Donald Trump is going to leave,” Harwood said. “We’ll see whether not being president diminishes his grip on them – those members – or his followers. He’s going to have a lot of problems. We learned today about a criminal investigation in New York City by [New York County District Attorney] Cy Vance is accelerating. He’s interviewing Trump’s bankers and insurance brokers. So Trump may have plenty of problems that will cause the Republican Party to be less afraid of him, but we don’t know that yet.”

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