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James Comey Memo’s Released

James Comey Memo’s Released

In a usual standoff that sadly had come to be expected, James Comey had his memo’s released; not surprisingly they show no collusion whatsoever with the Russians, instead show that in his quest for vengeance he violated Government secrecy act by passing classified memos to the press. Of course in typical liberal attacks, the left has refused to look that this shows the whole thing was set up on a farce, they now are demanding that a look into Trump trying to interfere with an investigation be looked at.

You can look at the memo’s here:

Comey had shown in his memo’s that the president asked for his loyalty, he said he   “did not reply, or even nod or change my facial expression, which [Trump] noted because we came back to it later.” Later he wrote that he promised to give it.

What we found was dry memo’s from a man who seemed vindictive and petty, Comey has shown what a failure he was as director of the FBI, he used the position to try to save a candidate, politicized the leadership of the organization, in my opinion he will go down as the worst leader ever seen at the helm of a long and storied organization.

In the end, it is up to you to be the judge; was he justified to give out material to the press to bring on a special investigator? To set in motion what now be an out of control witch hunt looking no longer for collusion, instead, now it is running in circles desperately digging for whatever can be found? This is guilt assigned before any evidence is found, now the only problem for the special investigator’s office is to dig until they can find what they see as supporting evidence of guilt.

At this point, I think this is no longer a case of looking for wrongdoing; this is moving to open sedition, a move to remove a sitting president at all cost. As I said in DEMOCRATS – SLIDING FROM SEDITION TO TREASON, to find guilt is an afterthought, they already assigned guilt, now all we have is a group of government workers with an unlimited budget given the right to dig, no matter how far off track they go until any wrongdoing is found. This is why we now hear the Stormy Daniels scandal something done 11 years ago that has no bearing whatsoever in the time Trump was running for president. Turns out the same people who went out of their way to make excuses for a liberal president’s sexual antics, they now are running around acting like they are virgin saints, never heard such nonsense in my life.


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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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