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Comey Shows His True Colors

Comey Shows His True Colors

In a move that should not surprise us, the man who the left claims is blameless, ex FGI Director, James Comey, a supposedly loyal GOP member has come out and shown his true colors once again. In what now is becoming far too familiar, showing his true colors as vengeful, spiteful, and petty, Comey now is showing his true nature, claims to be a republican but tweeting for all GOP members to vote for Democrats this fall.

His reason for doing this, because Trump dared to question the legitimacy of what the intel community made claims of.

And his other gripe is that President Trump instead of agreeing to interview with the purveyors of fake news, MSNBC, CBS, ABC or CNN he dared to sit down and have an interview with Tucker from FOX.

Seems what Comey is doing is what he has done for a while now, a little CYA. He knows due to his inept, corrupt handling of the FBI, using it as a political battering ram and his little fiefdom, the GOP has turned on him, so now he is trying to put himself in the good graces of the DNC. I am beginning now to wonder if he was more liberal then he let on all this time.

What was ignored by Comey, guess it was not convenient to his narrative, since he speaks from the cuff many times, he came back and said what was said with Putin needed to be readdressed, he went on to say that what he stated about the Intel findings of Russian election interference was wrong, he trusts the intel’s assessment of Russian meddling.

Comey in Congressional Hearing.

As I stated in CORRUPTION IN OUR FBI, JUSTICE AND INTEL AGENCIES, the FBI and Justice departments were corrupted under Obama’s administration to such a point that we now are just beginning to understand how bad this was. We saw in the midst of this all Comey trying to act like he was Hoover again, his authority should have been held above the elected officials, he and he alone should decide who should sit in the oval office, something he is trying to do again, even though he has been stripped of his power. 

Turns out Comey is a like a bad habit that keeps trying to come back, the worst thing we could do is allow this corrupt individual to have any part in our government. While I agree he may have started with great intent, the corrupting influence of Washington did not take long to reach into his soul and turn it as dark as the rest of the establishment, soon he like many others thought he was above the law.

As an American I urge that we forget this man, but before we assign him to the warning pages of what to not be like, we need to demand that justice be done, Comey needs to face his day in court like the rest of the deep state actors do, we need to start demanding this of our elected officials. The idea of him riding off to the sunset and not paying for the crimes he committed is both offensive and disgusting to me, why is it that these deep state players can continue to break the law and they are still protected by the establishment?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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