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Congress Votes For Contempt Against Barr For Not Violating The Law

Congress Votes For Contempt Against Barr For Not Violating The Law

In a act that should not surprise us with the loony left, they have now gone full crazy, decided to charge AG Barr with contempt of Congress for not violating the very law they themselves had put in place.

Congressman Nader claims that we are in the midst of a constitutional crisis, but it is one of the Democrats own doing. While they have a legal right to oversight, they don’t have a legal right to dig into the private life of any individual years before they ran for office, yet this is exactly what they are doing.

Further, to demand that after two years of a hoax called Russian Collusion, they now are off on their merry chase, Trump has had enough, told them no more, he, in turn, has started to use his legal right of Executive privilege to stop this charade.

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What the head of the House Judiciary seems to have forgotten is Trump is not powerless, the founding fathers set up the government so if you had two sides clashing, they would have to work it out. The problem with this is Nadder seems to think that the House holds all the cards, the president is powerless to stop him.

We see what I would call an abuse of power, threats to arrest AG Barr because he will not violate the law by opening up grand jury information and allowing it to become public, this would put AG Barr in violation of the law. What is worse, considering almost every member of the House Judiciary Committee is an attorney, they would know that what they are demanding is illegal, but that does not matter, optics are more critical then facts when the Democrats have a narrative to share.

Now we hear another butting of heads; the house is now trying to force the IRS to release the taxes in the past from Trump. What is more, we now hear that New York is trying to push this change of law so as to produce Trumps taxes, we see before us the full desperation as the left is starting to realize this whole soft coup they put in place is beginning to unravel, they now are frantically running to keep eyes off of what is coming, also to try to discredit the messengers before the charges start to be filed.

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We can see the scared faces as it revealed that Barr is now looking into the violation of law with the FISA Warrants that started this whole investigation, how the material that was by no means reliable or collaborated was produced as if it was. We also know that the whole exoneration of Clinton and her Email Scandal is being reopened,

There is most likely going to be charges brought up on James Comey, his violations of secrecy, going to reporters to release information he wanted out is a violation of the law. What is more, if Clapper or Brennan were involved in this, you could see both them, and possibly Susan Rice drew into this, as well as Former AG Loretta Lynch and acting AG Sally Yates could find their freedom in jeopardy if they had any involvement with this move to remove Trump.

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What will be interesting is how far up did this go? While Obama was capable of handing out pardons while in office, he has no such ability now, but he does still have the right to issue executive privilege after the fact, but not to do so regarding stopping a criminal investigation.

What is more interesting, Congressman Nadler, who is screaming the loudest about obstruction from Trump, he was one of the most vocal of Obama’s issuance of Executive privilege by Obama when Congress was looking at AG Holder for refusing to hand over documentation concerning Operation Fast and Furious in 2012.

We see an impasse, but this is not due to the law, this is somewhat due to the left’s refusal still to accept the will of the people in the 2016 election, this has nothing to do with congressional oversight, it has everything to do with the Lefts obsession against Trump.

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