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Time For Conservatives To Stand Up And Apply Pressure Of Our Own

Time For Conservatives To Stand Up And Apply Pressure Of Our Own

I have for years heard from the GOP and conservatives; we are above fighting the way the left does if they boycott we will not, if they threaten, we will never do this, if they get in our face we will do nothing, but is this working? I would say not, things are getting far worse and turning up in scales of violence as we have sat and done nothing.

I remember years ago being told, you try to stay out of the mud, but if someone drags you into it, then look at it as a time to get good and dirty. The sad truth is many don’t understand anything but what they are dishing out; you have to respond in kind.

Remember when I was in 8th grade, I had two older brothers that were scrappers, ninth-graders used to come to pick on me, could have been retribution for what my brother had done, I tried to not escalate the situation, walked away from it many times, but it continued to get worse. I spoke to my father about it, he told me sometimes the only way to stop bullying is to punch the biggest bully in the mouth, so I took him up on his advice, with a twist.

The next day I went to school, along came the bullies during lunch recess, this was the only time Middle and High School mixed. Sure enough the biggest one came and started pushing me around, I walked up to him and back handed him as hard as I could, the proceeded to do it again and again. He looked shocked, was not expecting this, then went to each of the others and said, “No more, I slapped him because he was not worth punching, you are, you will never touch me again or I will come for you next!”

Later I became friends with the first one; the others never tried this again, I had put an end to this with the only language they understood. But we don’t do this with the left, we allow Antifa to attack us, goons on the streets to attack someone for wearing a MAGA hat, to scream at us in restaurants, and we do nothing. When a commentator says what we feel, the left screams to boycott his sponsors, we do nothing. I am tired of this.

I am not, as a rule, a confrontational person, but no longer will I back down when someone does this to me for my political beliefs. The other day wore a shirt that said, “MAGA – Just Had To Make A Liberal Scream.” I bought it, thought it was funny, actually had a hand in creating it, was walking down a street and an African American man told me he found it offensive, take it off, I noticed he was wearing a shirt with Fidel Castro on it, now that I found offensive, told him so, but added, I am an adult, that does not give me the right to tell you to take it off.


He at this point informed me he was going to rip it off, I walked up to him, looked him in the eye, told him no, it was staying where it was, did so quietly, but let him know I would escalate if I had to where ever this went. The situation kind of calmed down, he screamed racist, glared, but it was done. The sad thing is, some people will take the shirt off, he was a larger man, but I have had enough of this, may take a beating, I will no longer back down.

It is the same way with Antifa; they fight because they know people will not fight back, like cowards they fight when there are many against a few, could be why the left is so desperate to go after the Proud Boys. While I don’t agree with everything they stand for, I do agree with them saying no more attacks without responding. Bullies only understand consequences; if you do nothing, they continue with what they are doing.

You have politicians like Maxine Waters who said to harass conservatives in restraints, that is fine, better hope I never see her in one, will return the favor. If stores are going to give in to pressure from the left, we should boycott them, they only understand their bottom dollar, the same with companies that openly support leftist ideology at the expense of alienating the right, boycott them as well.

The bottom line is the age difference and control of wealth. The majority of the leftist activist are in their upper teens and twenties; their purchasing power is not that great. The majority of conservatives are in their 30’s and up, where the majority of the purchasing power is, who do you think can affect the bottom line the most for businesses?

We need to let stores like Walmart know, if they take guns off the shelf, the left is trying to take away our second amendment right by attacking the sellers, if you can’t find a place to buy a gun, then how are you going to get one, we need to let them know, if they do this, we will go elsewhere. If we can’t find stores to stand up to this, then create our own.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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