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Constitutional Convention, Is One Needed Again?

Constitutional Convention, Is One Needed Again?

Two hundred thirty-one years ago, our founding fathers finding the idea of a unified nation with a weak and for the most part ineffective central government with states in conflicting action causing a lack of direction for the country came together in a Constitutional Convention and created the constitution we have now.  

At the time the founders knew there was a danger in having a more powerful central government that it could overstep its boundaries, while there are many, including myself who will say the second amendment is in place expressly for this purpose.

With a court out of control, judges ruling from the benches, attacks from the left against the 2nd amendment, our faith, a government has grown so much that it is injecting itself in all parts of our lives,  gathering up intelligence and data on us without any due process, it may be time to call another constitutional convention and deal with modern problems that we are facing that the founding fathers had no way of envisioning. 

Of course back then with just 13 states working with them did not have all the difficulties you would see today working with 50, but you would have had the same conflicting interests you would have had back then. Unlike then, if one were to be called today we would not need to have all 50 states ratify a constitutional amendment, instead just two-thirds of the states, this puts such a thing in much closer reach for what is needed today.

As of right now, we need 33 states to be able to institute a constitutional convention, the most significant opposing side to this is naturally the liberals, they find the thought of further defining the constitution a challenge to their continuing to push for rights taken away due to the murkiness of some of the founding document. As of right now, we have 33 GOP governors, but the problem there runs into the issue of whom controls the state houses in the states. Of these there is Nevada, New Mexico, Illinois, Main, Vermont, Massachusetts have split state houses, the only way to correct this is to either make sure the GOP is put in place in the states to control both houses and the governor’s mansion, but even without a governor a state legislature can pass a constitutional amendment, the state Governor has no legal authority to veto such an act. In that case, we have 32 of the state houses controlled by the GOP. One more could put in place a call for a constitutional convention. 

So what can be done with a constitutional convention? This is a danger of one, and the reason the founding fathers made one as complicated as they did, everything is up for grabs. If the left took control of two-thirds of the state houses how long do you think it would take them to strip the 2nd amendment from us, or put in place even a more strict separation of church and state, or try to weaken your right to have and practice your faith altogether, what we view as a constitutional right, this is up for grabs in a constitutional convention, we already know the left hates the 2nd ammendement, but what about others, say the right to be protected from search and siezure without due process or the right to examine your accusor? All this could be challenged and stricken from the rights we hold so dear. 

We need to view such a thing with great trepidation, but it by no means pushes us not to have one, for I think one is required for the long-term security of this nation. There are things that I think should be held in absolute, the first, second amendments should not be touched, but they could be further defined. The right to be protected from illegal search and seizure, this should also be further described, the founding fathers had no idea of the capability of the government being able to collect every email, every phone call, text message, banking record, primarily every electronic data you have on you is swept up by the government and stored, but what do they do with this, and should they have this type of access? Should anyone?

There is more: 

  • Activist Judges –  We have seen an unprecedented growth of legislating from the bench, yet these judges are protected by lifetime protection, it is too hard to remove them, this should be fixed.
  • Term limits – We should look at civilian legislators, all with term limits; it would protect more against the corruption we see now, with them more concerned about what they will get from special interests then representing their constituents.
  • Stop the ability of Federal legislators being exempt from Stock Securities Fraud. The reason people like Pelosi, Waters, and others came in with little money and now are worth many tens of millions or hundreds of millions, this is due to the fact that they are given information about the state of businesses, what will drive up stock markets, drive them down, they are exempt from the law that prohibits trading in such cases, so they go in with an advantage no one else has, that is why you see so many millionaires in the federal representatives.  
  • If Congress passes laws that affect all people, such as Obamacare, they should be forced to also be part of such law. Instead, they set up their health insurance, then demand we live off of some inferior product they cobbled together. 

Now come the trickier issues, dealing with naturalization, immigration and what makes an American. Why is it that people who sneak into this country are given more rights then, people that came here legally, I have a personal stake in this, my wife came here from Thailand, she is Hmong, her parents fled Vietnam after the US left due to the VC’s were trying to wipe out anyone that worked with the US military, they were promised if the US left they would take them, they left, they never did. Now they sat in camps for years, waited their turn to come here, my wife came here at 2 months old, yet she was never granted the right of immunity, she has told me if she snuck into someplace no one would hold off the charges of trespassing, why are people who came here illegally basically given more rights then or for that matter actual citizens? I took years to go from green card to citizens, and it was done legally, it is unfair to people who follow the system to be ignored while people that broke the law are granted rights no one else is.

So here is a proposed fix, one I had laid out earlier in THE HIDDEN TRUTH – COST OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, the fiction that illegals are contributing more than they are costing is nothing but a huge lie, they contribute about $15 billion to the US economy, but cost about 100 billion in services, then add to this they are sending home, which benefits US society is now way over $150 billion each year, we are not benefiting in any way allowing this. So the question has to be asked, what to do? We can fix this as well. 

  • Make it part of the constitution that our borders, both, have to be secured.
  • Children of Illegal Citizens will not be granted citizenship: Clean up the citizenship that the children of illegals are receiving, if one comes here illegally just to have a baby, and you can see this in many border towns where buses come to the border, the mothers who snuck into the US to have their child, has the child cross the border, catch the bus and go to school, then goes back to Mexico when they are done. 
  • We need to put in the constitution there is only one way to receive citizenship, that is with one parent being an American Citizen if you’re born here, and your two parents are from elsewhere, you are the citizen of their country, not ours. 
  • We need also to find a way to tax some of this $150 Billion going out of the country, much of it by illegals to support their families back in whatever country they came from. While I have no issue with sending money to relatives, my inlaws do it, if we are going to have the money go out, tax it by 5% to 10%, that is better then most nations, they tax up to 50% and greater, some will not allow you to ship any funds out of country. 

These are just a few; I am sure that many of you will think of more, I encourage you to to the comments and add more, if they are a great idea, I will add them to the story later. 

As I said yesterday, I started up an action group called We Are Silent No More, to give up an update. We have purchased the website; it is, we have fundraisers, and are currently making T-Shirts, have a page now in FB groups. Next week we are going to be looking for either legislator that wish to be part of this, or for people running for office that would like to. We are also going to be looking for volunteers. I wrote on this yesterday with TIME TO STOP BEING THE SILENT MAJORITY; WE ARE SILENT NO MORE! 

I have decided that I will not be part of the silent majority, have said this for the last five months, I want others to know we have a voice, and we will be heard. If the entertainment wants to ignore us, we will do the same with them, stop watching their shows or going to movies. If the TV shows do the same, turn to ones that will give us attention. If the businesses out there that support leftist causes, call us deplorable, tell us if we voted for Trump not to bother visiting their establishments, let’s take them up on their offer. All this needs to be coordinated, that is why hopefully by 3/6 I will start with t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, ect.,  that will have the design I will post below show where we stand, you can help by buying these, if you don’t need one, I will show a link to the donation page, whatever you can do will be of help, even if it is giving your voice to this cause. We are going to show the rest of American and the world that we deplorable have a voice, it is time to hear us roar. 

For now, this is part of 0censor, but we are looking for in the future to pass this on to become its own entity, with its management, but until then it will be part of our family. 

Here is the charitable giving site.

Click on the banner to go to Go Fund Me Site to give to Silent No More!




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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


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