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Corker, McCain And Some In the GOP Needs To Put A Cork in It!

Corker, McCain And Some In the GOP Needs To Put A Cork in It!

This fool like many of the members of the establishment in Congress has never learned a lesson from the left, instead of uniting they instead choose to fold in and attack anyone that is not supporting the status quo. The GOP has this term instead of standing united as one, it has members that have turned on the president, leadership is doing nothing, in fact, many times the leadership is part of this, no place is this more evident than in the Senate.

Corker is leaving, can’t be soon enough, McCain served for years, if anything he and others we see in Congress show us the need to put in term limits, seems these people arrive, become corrupt, then become worthless, they end up caring more about special interests then their own constituents and the American People.

It has come to the point that we that are center-right, center-Left or even all the way to the far-right, we need to ask ourselves, what are these lawmakers doing? We gave them everything they wanted;  the GOP came before the American people and said, “Give us a majority in the Congress, we will slow down what Obama is doing,” yet they did nothing but sit in front of the camera, cry about how terrible things were, then go back and pass what Obama wanted.

They cried, give us the Senate, we did, still, nothing changed, they still gave in to every demand that Obama had. They then said we need the White House, they got it, did they do anything? No, instead they settled into squabbling, fighting with each other, and still, we see them in front of the camera making excuses for their failures.

I am at the point I would rather give both houses to the Democrats, at least then I know they would have to work with the president, have some type of compromises so both can get what they want, giving these people what they want, it has done nothing for us outside of putting on Supreme Court Justice on the bench, they have done nothing else. We are faced with one of two choices, either we continue down this path, that is not acceptable, it is obvious that most of the GOP members are incompetent, they need to go, either we find people to replace them and look for people that will give what they promised and couldn’t deliver, or vote for the Democrats, at least then I will know why nothing is being done.

So who do we need to get rid of? First, Start with McCain, he is past his time, find someone that will do as we want, not work only to counter Trump. Then  Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida), Mark Meadows (North Carolina),  Rob Wittman (Virginia), Dave Brat (Virginia),  Andy Harris (Maryland),  Tom Massie (Kentucky),  Tom Massie (Florida),  Justin Amash (Michigan), Raul Labrador (Idaho),  Warren Davidson (Ohio),  Paul Gosar (Arizona), Brian Fitzpatrick (Pennsylvania),  John Katko (New York),  Walter Jones (North Carolina), Leonard Lance (New Jersey),  Dan Donovan (New York),  Charlie Dent (Pennsylvania),  Mark Amodei (Nevada)  need to be looked at very closely, either replace them, or see if they are more at obstructing.

We also need to take a look at Cruz and Rand Paul, although I know from the two of them, they wanted Obamacare gone, not a light version. What is more, we now see the same people doing the same thing with the new tax legislation.

I personally am tired of the excuses, while no fan of the DNC, I will admit they were able to work together to achieve their agenda, we need to demand the same of the people we voted in with the GOP or tell them they need to go.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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