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Corruption in our FBI, Justice and Intel Agencies

Corruption in our FBI, Justice and Intel Agencies

We as Americans always like to think the institutions we look up to in keeping us safe from influences outside the US and within, they are free from corruption. While much of this may be a pipe dream, we knew that these organizations at least made an effort in trying to achieve this elusive goal. Over the last 20 years, we have seen this idea take on some serious tarnishing, over the last eight the idea was battered and abused from corruption within.

The FBI took a hit during the time of J. Edger Hoover, he ran the place like his fiefdom, but even while he was doing this, the rest of the agents were the best America had to offer, we knew that they would be out there to get the bad guys, thus protecting the rest of us. But now, well not so much, instead what we see is a tarnished institution over the last nine years that has become politicized from the top, was more interested in keeping justice from being fulfilled than in pursuing it, in the process “we the people” have lost confidence in the organization.

Much of what we have seen over the last eight years was with both the justice, the FBI and intelligence agencies become so politicized I question if they are aiding nation or hurting all of us. If they like it or not, an agent in the FBI, justice department employee may have a political leaning, but their work as to stay as apolitical as possible, the FBI investigates crimes, does not matter what the political persuasion the person is, the Justice then decides if they have enough to prosecute, that is how it has been since the FBI was first named the Bureau of Investigation (BOI), it was created on July 26, 1908. At the time they had issues with White Slavery, so to enforce “White Slave Traffic Act,” or Mann Act, they hired in 30 people from secret service and other government jobs, put Stanley Finch in charge and thus was the beginning of the FBI.

We saw the fight against organized crime due to the Prohibition; the FBI was wiretapping leaders in that criminal organization to bring it under control. Later they battled the now infamous bank robbing gangs, all the while they were under the control of J. Edger Hoover, who ran the whole organization like his fiefdom. He soon got out of control, had personal files he kept on all the politicians, used these to blackmail, force some to resign. He held on his job due to fear of reprisals by politicians, after he died the national leaders decided never again would they allow one unelected official to hold such power,  they would rotate in new leadership, put the FBI under the control of Congress, and such abuses of power hopefully would never happen again. And they didn’t until Obama and Comey came along.

Comey was seen as an upright leader, he was trusted by both sides, they said he was beyond reproach, but like Hoover, I think the power he had started to corrupt him. He soon started to act outside his jurisdiction, along with this you had the Attorney General Loretta Lynch politicize the office, before her you had Holder that felt the political will took precedence over the law, that is why he was cited with contempt of Congress.

We saw this corruption go to the extent of Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on a plane in private, they claim they were talking about grandchildren (that is what all grandparents do, they fly to area’s out of the way, then meet in secret on one or the other’s planes to speak about grandkids, right?). We saw this grow even further with Comey not only showing his findings of Clinton, something that now is under question, but he then proceeded to act outside his jurisdiction and acquit her, that was for the justice department, not the FBI.

When Trump was elected it even got worse, we saw the intel community leaking conversations during the transition, even into the presidency. There was the problem of the head of the FBI, Comey, leaking information that was held by the Government, a violation of the law, to the NY Times. He even openly admitted this, said it was to bring on a special prosecutor.

Later the special prosecutor brought in to look at possible Trump collusion with the Russians, but what has he done so far? He arrested one staffer who tried to arrange a meeting with the Russians; the transition team did not go along with it, he then lied, they pressed charges on him for that.

Then we saw Maniford who was not charged with collusion, instead for acts that he had done years before he was working with Trump, there was also have seen Flynn, who now is charged with lying to the FBI, not that this shows any collusion, instead the outrage is that Trump asked his transition team to reach out to the Russians so they could get a jump on that relationship prior to taking office, the same thing Bush and Obama had done in their transition.

Now there is the situation of the FBI and the Justice Department refusing to testify before Congress, then former Obama appointees telling Congress they will not comply with their subpoena, they want no part of their political posturing (funny, I looked all over the law, no place does this give you a right to not comply with a subpoena), in other words the very stop measures put in to keep this democracy in check, the larger and more entrenched institutions think they are not liable to any longer.

At this point, I am beginning to wonder if all is lost. We have a few choices to make, none of them are good. We need to start with the intel community; if they are not going to comply with Congress, then we need to remove the leadership that is refusing. Intel has no place in politics, what is required of them should transcend politics, if intel agents can’t live by this code, then they need to go. If by so doing, we leave gaps,  so be it, but having an institution so powerful not be answerable to Congress, thinks their political views outweigh security, this puts the whole democratic process of this nation at risk, that is a higher risk to this nation then outside actors.

As for the FBI, I for one still have faith the employees that come in every day, do the majority of the work, they are what made this institution so great for so many years, they aren’t the problem, the problem is the leadership, for some reason starting with Robert Mueller, who had shown a refusal to act on the law when it was not expedient for his political agenda, how else can you explain away all Clinton did, the Uranium One Deal, then both he and Comey threatened the Bush administration with their resignations if the White House overruled the DOJ finding that the domestic wiretapping under the Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) was unconstitutional.

Mueller was so vocal on his attacks of enhanced interrogation that he openly defended attorneys that defended terrorist from having this done to them, in one case at a dinner, Mueller defended an attorney who had been attacked for his role in protecting Kuwaiti detainees, standing up, raising his glass and saying “I toast Tom Wilner. He’s doing what an American should.”

When Bush confronted Mueller about the perception his agency was failing to round up more terrorists in the U.S., Mueller responded saying about possible suspects, “If they don’t commit a crime, it would be difficult to identify and isolate” them. Vice President Dick Cheney objected, castigating Mueller thus: “That’s not just good enough. We hear this too much from the FBI.”[1]

Obama was looking at him favorable enough to keep him on during his administration, we then saw his friend and college Comey brought in to replace him (this alone gives suspect to his being involved in the Russian investigation), Comey brought the FBI to a whole new level of corruption, would lecture Congress on their jobs, made the leadership in the FBI feel they were above both Congress and the law, a situation that carries on even today.

After this there was the Comey leak to the press details of meetings with Trump, move to maneuver to bring his friend and college in to investigate Trump Collusion Investigation, an investigation that seems to be investigating everything but that. We have seen leaks; they even fired an FBI agent Peter Strzok for anti-Trump tweets.

Turns out this man who expressed his love for Hillary as a political force also was involved in the questioning of Flynn, the early morning raid on Mannford’s home, the Email scandal with Clinton and worse, he was the one that changed the text Comey read that said Clinton was “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless,” one was a felony, the other not.

As we look deeper and deeper into this I start to question if the Special Counsel’s office is not so tainted that they should be disbanded, how can you have a man who handled cases with such inept handling lead such an investigation, more so when you see the outright bias of people around him.

So, what can be done? We need to start to do some deep cleaning. The Agencies will suffer, the FBI, the Justice Department, the Intel Services, but if we clean up now when the festering corruption is only on the top, we prevent this corruption from reaching further down the ranks. Will there be gaps, you be there will be, but the alternative of having these run as fiefdoms that are not answerable to our elected leaders is worse, it could lead this country from being free and democratic to becoming a police state.

We need to look at the leadership, Jeff Sessions, for starters, he is in charge of the Justice Department, and ask, “Why such a slow-moving investigation into Clinton?” Then, “Why no charges against Comey for releasing what was illegal to the NY Times,” and if the FBI leadership are not going to answer to Congress, then why isn’t he over there firing and cleaning house? If he can’t, then maybe we need to see him removed and replaced.

We also need to look at the FBI that is under Sessions, currently ran by Christopher Asher Wray, since he has only been in office for three months, it is far too early to make judgment calls about him, but if cleaning is not started soon, then it will be.

Last the Intel services. We have seen this go out of control more than anything else. We had James Robert Clapper Jr who politicized this post under Obama, lied to Congress, spying on our allies, the American people, used the agency as a political battering ram instead of its intended use. When then saw under him of changing reports against radical Islamic actors taking Islamic out of the reports, refusing to name terrorist as Muslims, the lack of knowledge of the size or scope of ISIS. What you had was Clapper was a typical leftist Islamic apologist, nothing more.

We saw this further with his claims of Russian meddling, and their supposed aiding Trump to get into office, yet when pressed he could not say that he had one shred of evidence of this. In the end, he resigned, he knew there was no way Trump would have kept him on, he was far too corrupt and political to continue the job. Now that much of the evidence of his workings are coming to light; I would love to see him have his day under scrutiny by a special prosecutor as well.

What happened is over the eight years of the Obama Presidency we saw the belief that political will was more important than the constitutional rule, thus if the law was not convenient, it was ignored. The desire to promote progressive ideology permeated all, even NASA who Obama gave a directive that they were to go and make the Muslims feel good (not sure what any of this had to do with space exploration). Political ideology took the place of common sense, over eight years we saw this corrupt all of Washington DC.

When Trump won the election the establishment first reeled in shock, then they started to react, they knew that if they were going to continue down the path Obama and his cronies wanted they had to do something quick about Trump, so they cooked up the Russian Collusion story, a story that now has morphed so many times it is hard to tell what the original reasons for the investigation were.

The time has come to clean house, if we find ourselves lacking, that is fine, we can make that up, but the need far outweighs the danger of doing nothing, so we must urge our president to act, let him and the ones know around him that they have our support to do what is needed.


  1. Mayer, Jane (May 2009). The Dark Side. New York: Anchor Books. pp. 157, 205, 270. ISBN 978-0-307-45629-8.




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