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Could Attacks Against Mosques Be Caused By Radical Islam?

Could Attacks Against Mosques Be Caused By Radical Islam?

As we see in the press, there is a rush to blame people for the attack against mosques, as if by clockwork the police and authorities come out and say that the Muslims are nothing but a peaceful people, but is this the case? Could this response be on the rise due to radical Islam and their attacks around the world, or is this something more?

I need to clarify this before I start, I by no means support this type of attack in any way, I find such a thing terrible, do not understand why anyone would think such a thing is justified. I am not justifying such a attack to the violence from radical Islam.

While I don’t think two wrongs make a right, I also have to ask, “Could the radical attacks by one bring on attacks against them?” We see radical Islam and its attacks all over the world, could this be triggering some out of hate, others out of fear, and many with just outright ignorance to turn to violence?

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When I got up this morning, I saw this attack on mosques in New Zealand across the front page on every news site, it was horrible, I had to wonder, why isn’t the same thing seen as newsworthy when Muslims burn down church’s, attack people of other faiths, killing some, maiming others, others they rape, sell into slavery or prostitution, is this such a common occurrence that no one pays attention any longer?

I was wondering, have we become so callus that we expect this type of things from Muslims, and if we are, then why the outrage when we hear of it happening back? I asked this, and people went crazy, but is this a wrong answer to ask? Have we such low expectations from the Muslims around the world that we expect this, but then are horrified when this happens back.

What is more, could this violence around the world be causing this type of reaction? With the leftist push against white people now, with their nonsense of “White Privilege”, could you start to see a rise in violence as people on the fringe start to feel threatened?

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I know some will be offended that I dare ask these questions, but they need to be asked, and if we are going to demand something of ourselves, don’t we then have the right to demand this of others? If you don’t you risk leaving many feel that they are ostracized, and as many do, they strike out when feeling under such pressure.

We have seen a rise lately of this sort of thing, but it has risen with the attacks we have seen worldwide from radical Islam and terrorist attacks associated with it.

The rise of one is directly related to the others, many feel helpless when they see this, so the less stable or people with deep-seated hatred strike out at people around them that are part of this group, even if they have never shown this type of behavior.

What can be done to stop this

I would love to say it is as easy as telling the radicals on both sides to stop being radical, but that is easier said than done, many of them like being this way, others act because they are following the crowd, fear drives them on, not to mention a lack of understanding of what others are going through.

The first thing that needs to be done is to find a way to educate both sides, but we also need to adopt a policy that we will not accept this type of behavior from either side. To show that we are willing to accept this from one side, then demand that the other not act this way is both wrong, and takes away any moral authority that exists.

The next step, education, this means putting both sides togather, let them air out their grievances against each other, see if amends can be made, but sometimes there are none, we have to be willing to look at this too.

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A great example of this is the Israeli Arab problem. People scream about the actions that Israel takes to defend itself, but if a group of followers of radical Islam openly said they wanted to kill you and your family, then killed some of your siblings, would you do nothing, try to resolve issues peacefully while they reject every overture and continue to kill, or would you react by going after them? I sure would, there would be no hesitation.

We need to have the wisdom to understand that education is for those that wish to be educated, the ones that don’t, why waste time with them when they refuse to learn? Understanding can only be given to those that seek it, those that demand you only understand them, but they refuse to understand others, it then is a waste of time, if you are not willing to give me the time of day, why would I do the same in return?

Last, we need to stop this cycle of low expectations, we need to demand that both sides act in the same way, if one side refuses, then why attack the other side for reacting to this.

In Conclusion

We in the West value individual rights, the right to believe and practice it as you believe, but when others refuse to give this, it hardly a surprise that such violent reactions are given in return to the violence they see.

We need to demand this stop, put an end to making excuses for this behavior. And for goodness sake, can we stop saying this faith is a religion of peace when all we see is violence perpetrated around the world by it? I find their goals as offensive as I find the manifesto from the group that went out and slaughtered these Muslims.

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We need to demand that Islam pull itself into the 20th century, or face the possibility of rejection by the West, if you can’t co-exist peacefully, then don’t be expectant of being excepted into the West.

We have a right to reject and condemn this type of action, or reaction, from the radicals in our midst, but we also then have a duty to openly and loudly condemn this behavior from others.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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