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Could The Generated Crises Be A Harbinger Of Something To Come?

Could The Generated Crises Be A Harbinger Of Something To Come?

The call to arms by the left, attacks against Conservatives, the president’s impeachment after the capital incursion, could this have been created by the left or manipulated to achieve their goals?

While we understand the need for security, the need to put up impenetrable fences, 25,000+ troops, now state governors in liberal states calling up their own troops, one has to wonder, “What is really going on?”


To add to this, we now have the major networks calling this a danger, that somehow there may be a Sadat or a Gandhi type of attack by the military, yet this is extremely unlikely ever to happen but does not prevent the Democrats and their leftist mouthpieces in the press from banging on this drum.

U.S. defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, prompting the FBI to vet all of the 25,000 National Guard troops coming into Washington for the event.

The FBI is pushing this narrative as well, yet at this point, like with most conservative protests, I see nothing happening.

The massive undertaking reflects the extraordinary security concerns that have gripped Washington following the incident on Jan. 6, something the Democrats have used to beat the GOP into submission.

While I don’t by any means give a pass to the people that broke, or in most cases, told to come in by police officers as they opened the doors, the police controlled others as photographers took pictures. I am rapidly starting to consider that this is not as it seems, more a false flag operation, one designed to stop the GOP from calling into question the elections, where Democrats could then use this as a means to push their agenda and justify their attacks against Trump and his supporters.

This could be as it has been presented, but as I have found over the last four years, what we are shown and reality share no connection. The visual is more important than the truth; people see what they want to see, the press is very good at presenting such things, twisting facts to meet their goals, all while attacking anyone that dares to question their narrative.

It looks like I am not the only one that is starting to question all of this:

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told The Associated Press on Sunday that officials are conscious of the potential threat, and he warned commanders to be on the lookout for any problems within their ranks as the inauguration approaches. So far, however, he and other leaders say they have seen no evidence of any threats, and officials said the vetting hadn’t flagged any issues that they were aware of.

Of course, that didn’t stop some of the worst members of the liberal media from peddling nonsense about some right-wing infiltration of the military. At the same time, liberals hate the military, so we shouldn’t be shocked that a few members of the CNN and MSNBC crowd are going to smear them as proto-Nazis. Liberals lament about the lack of trust in our institutions and then go one to bash our institutions because…“orange man, bad.” And now they’re using the Capitol Hill incursion to sow the seeds of suspicion against military members.


COVID hysteria was atrocious, but this might be worse. I was also told that deep state suspicions and other allegations that involved politically motivated inside jobs were cuckoo talk. Here were some serious “Seven Days in May” nonsense from the media, who ran with it despite zero evidence backing any of it up. 

As the press is going into a full meltdown, responsible reporting, something that has been absent over the last 4 years, seems to be falling to even greater depths as time goes on. We already hear of a coup that may be ongoing (notice it is always secret sources, people that can’t be named), yet this will blow by, but we will find once more our rights will be further infringed on, people will say nothing out of fear of liberal backlash.

We can’t point a finger and say these are the facts, this was a false flag operation, but we can say that it is sure starting to shape up like one. At 0censor, we pride ourselves in never being flagged by fact-checkers; although this may be, such things should never prevent us from asking the questions that need to be asked.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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