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Could Trump Be The Next Reagan? Part 2

Could Trump Be The Next Reagan? Part 2

Could Trump Be The Next Reagan? Part 2 is a continuation of the first part of the series, if you missed the first part then I would suggest you read that first, but if you don’t, you can still follow this site by itself. 

In the first part we dealt with Trumps judicial accomplishments, how like Reagan he is changing not only the Supreme Court with one appointee to the high court, Reagan had three, but is also quietly filling up federal court seats and appeal court at numbers that could very well over take what both Clinton and Obama did, thus changing the federal courts back to more of a constitutionally based courts rather then the activist ones we see now. 

If you missed the first part and wish to read it, please click on the add below, it will take you to that site first, at the end of that page I did put a link back to this one.

Reagan and the Military

This may be one of my most active memories, it could have to do with my brother had enlisted in the military when Carter was in office, told us of how moral changed the day Reagan stepped in, no longer did he see what was defeatism in the military, they seemed to step with a new pride in their step. I was so impressed with this that I too enlisted, was a great decision, now looking back wish I would have stayed longer, but like much of our decisions in our youth, we seemed to not make decisions based on what the future would bring, rather by the idiocy of youth. 

But what did Reagan do? When he took office the US military was still suffering from the attacks against it by the civilians when they pulled back out of Vietnam (these same civilians that attacked the US military then are the ones teaching our kids now in schools and are leaders in the democratic part, small wonder there is such anti-American fervor in that party).

The military took notice when he was running, he spoke of bringing back American pride, spoke of his military with hushed and respectful terms, told us how he was going to build it back up to the glories it once knew, it was not surprising then when the majority of military personnel voted for him, nor should it be surprising that this continues to this day. 

The Navy

Upon taking office Reagan then set about with his rebuilding effort, he turned to the Navy, decided at that time that what was needed was to build up a 600 ship navy. Some of this he achieved by taking ships that were scheduled to be retired, had that retirement halted, instead sent the ships in to be refitted, to make them more relevant to that time period. Others he had taken out of retirement, the battleships Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, and Wisconsin, all were reactive, but only after being refitted with weapons and electronics that brought them up to the modern age, they were after all already 40 years old at that time. We even saw when in retaliation for Hezbollah’s attack on our marine barracks (remember these are the same terrorist that like Hamas has killed Americans, yet Pelosi claims they are a humanitarian organization, sadly seems much of the DNC now seems to think along these lines), but the response from the large guns were quickly put in place to show that if you dare to attack American’s, we will strike you back, something we had not seen under the Carter years. 

Reagan went on to not only build up the navy through reactivation of old ships, he also set a pace to hurry production of the Nimitz style carriers, our navy was being challenged by the Soviets, they had at the time plans to build their own supercarriers, and were determined to challenge America’s place as the premier power of the seas. Reagan was having none of this, put the power of American production on call, we soon showed the Soviets that neither they nor anyone else could match the production of a determined America. While all this was happening China was watching. 

Trump decided to follow the man he has many times said he admired, he came out and spoke of the need to rebuild our navy, a group that had been allowed to dwindle under Clinton, Bush and Obama, it was not seen as that useful, we had not used them in any of our conflicts other then flying air bases, Trump felt differently.

The old goal of Reagan to have a 600 ship navy with a navy that had fallen to half the size of what it used to be is and was unreachable, the simple fact is with today’s budget we could not afford it, so Trump instead sought to build up a smaller, leaner and heavier hitting navy, he wanted us brought from less then 300 vessels (272), to 350 ships, to give us the ability once more to project power in multiple sites of conflict. 

One thing Trump has going for him is he unlike Reagan is not afraid to confront what he sees as wasteful spending with military procurement, has been in touch with multiple of the defense suppliers personally, had worked out ways with them to reduce the cost of material purchased, thus giving us a better bang for the buck.

We all remember how he on twitter said the F35 was too expensive for what we were getting, and he was not going to allow the American tax payers to be fleeced for the cost of Air Force One, shortly after this calls were made and millions, in some cases hundreds of millions were suddenly shaved off the cost. The Art of the Deal had come to Washington, Trump was determined to change the way business is done. It was once said the pen is mightier then the sword, I am beginning to wonder if Twitter is also. 

One of the biggest problems facing the Air Force is its loss of fighters, I believe as of now they are about 1,700 short of what they need to fill their needs, if this is going to be rectified then maybe they need to start doing something different. Trump has for his part authorized the Air Force to call up to 2,000 pilots on reserve, but this is more of a short term solution.

I think we need to take a look at a more radical solution, we are paying our pilots much, much less then what the civilian world is paying, so the pilots get their training on us the Taxpayers, they do the time they committed to, then are off to make more money in the civilian world. One can’t find fault with these people doing this, one has to look out for their family, besides, let’s be blunt here, the idea of sacrifice is wonderful when you are asking others to it, but do you do so yourself? So we need to look at more then just asking for sacrifices to be made.

When one takes into account that a fighter today cost well over $100 million ($102 for the F35A [the F35B and F35C are more expensive with the F35C being the most expensive, by $30 million more per copy], it looks like the next lot we will see the fighters for about ($97 million for the F35A, the F35B and C are more difficult to figure out, but should be around $125 million  a copy). This may not seem like much, but when you are looking at over 1,700 of these fighters still on order, a drop by each million is a savings of billions, that is huge when dealing with the budget).

We are also looking at a need for new bombers, the ones we have now are long on the tooth. The B2, which is the youngest is already 29 years old, although their are younger models, but then the newest B2 is already going on 18 years old (kids are flying the same bomber their parents flew), one should not be surprised that we are looking at something, more so when you consider the second oldest bomber, the B1 is over 30 years old, and the B52’s, the youngest of these are still over 55 years old (there are three generations that have flown this bomber). 

But once more I get sidetracked. There is a way to take care of our almost 2,000 pilot shortage, pay them. When you are asking a pilot to fly a $100+ million fighter, you are paying them $65 to $75,000 a year, although I do know there are added incentives, the pay compared to civilian pay, which is about 50% better, and they aren’t putting themselves in harms way, one has to wonder, would the Service be better off to put in more incentives, have congress add this as a special pay to pilots, along with this have it set that instead of a three or five year commitment, you offer comparable to what commercial pilots make, add this in with flight pay, then with benefits you would have a group of pilots more willing to deal with  the sacrifices of the job.


Let’s finish this with the largest military branch, of course we can include what is arguable the smallest, the Army and Marines. These two groups have been tasked since the day this nation was founded to give the most in terms of lives sacrificed, are the first to deal with fighting a enemy face to face, and most times the last to be brought home when a conflict is done, yet in spite of this we have seen the ability for the Army to respond deteriorate, not due to any fault of their own, more a neglect by politicians over the last 20 years to do more to give them what they need. 

Trump promised when he was campaigning, looks like he is still working for this promise to:

  • Asking Congress to eliminate the defense sequester
  • Building an active Army of about 540,000
  • Building a Marine Corps based on 36 battalions

Much of this has been done silently, to put in place domestic policies we saw with both Clinton and Obama the military is what suffered, looks like this is not going to continue with Trump. 

Missile Defense

One of the last area’s, but it seems to be of great importance is missile defense, not just for us, but our allies as well. With North Korea throwing around threats, Iran is moving to expand its power, in the same time period are doing massive expansion with suddenly freed up currency (we can thank Obama for this), they are accelerating their next generation of missiles), many time what North Korea is developing they are sharing with the one nation that is still pumping billions into their coffers, Iran. 

What is more worrying is we at this point don’t know what North Korea is passing on to Iran, but anything at this point is too much. And as we have seen with the recent disclosures, looks like China is not keeping up to the commitment of the embargo they agreed to be part of and are sneaking in shipments of oil. Of course not wishing to be outdone, Russia is doing the same. This either needs to be dealt with or a war that will for sure which will ensue if not, it will be very much on China’s and Russia’s heads. 

In the interim we are stuck with a North Korea threatening with nuclear blackmail but us and our allies, this has to either stop or we will be given no choice but neutralize this threat, but this is also a short term solution. 

America does not wish to go to war every time one of these moronic dictators come threatening, what we really need is a comprehensive tiered missile shield that will shield the US from small rogue launches and from even medium sized launches, 20 to 30 launches at a time, 

He also has just recently stated he will push for these measures:

  • “Immediate plans call for building two $1-billion radar installations and adding 20 rocket interceptors to the 44 already deployed in underground silos at Ft. Greely in Alaska and at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.”
  • “The expected cost is about $10.2 billion over five years, on top of more than $40 billion already spent for the system.”

Although there are flaws in this system, there is a new radar and Command and Control slotted to come on line in 202o, added with this new more accurate warheads, the system will only increase as time goes on. At the present we have 44 of these missile system launchers in place in silo’s, another 20 are being slated to be put in place, although I personally would like to see triple that number, any increase is only going to give a expanded ability to react. 

In the end you will always have the chronic whiners and complainers, many on the left would rather surrender all then fight for what is right, but then this is the same party that used to hold up sighs saying, “Better Red then Dead,” now they have slipped so far they have struck the “then dead” part, openly campaign and stomp for socialism. 

We are witnessing possibly another Reagan time period in the US, all this depends on how much the left is able to obstruct. The one thing Reagan is not fighting that Trump is, its the unrelenting attack by the left, it has gone from reporting to almost the point of open sedition, this needs to stop. We as a people have the right to hold both accountable, we can remove one by vote, the others by shutting them off. We could be witnessing greatness, or a cry in the dark smothered by political correctness and the evil that the new world order wishes to bring. 

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