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Crazy Liberal Demands Cops ‘Do Something’ About Trump Supporters at Walter Reed. Cops’ reaction is PRICELESS!

Crazy Liberal Demands Cops ‘Do Something’ About Trump Supporters at Walter Reed. Cops’ reaction is PRICELESS!

From Louder with Crowder

President Trump spent the weekend at Walter Reed to be treated for his case of the ‘rona. His supporters assembled outside the hospital to show their support. His haters and other assorted losers stayed at home and tweeted about it. However, there was one hater and/or loser who was stunning and brave enough to leave her home, to witness first hand these people who have different opinions than her. What she saw was shocking. The “people” were standing on the street IN HER OWN NEIGHBORHOOD minding their own business and waving American flags.

Our unhinged friend was triggered. She thought this kind of stuff only happened on TV. Something had to be done! So she mustered up all her courage and ran to the nearest police officer, demanding the cop do something! That’s when our story turns hilarious.

I’m willing to bet all the money in my pockets right now that this dingbat was at a “Defund the Police” rally or five. So her demanding cops do something about people standing on the sidewalk is a tasty bit of irony. Though berating the officer seemed like an odd choice, especially as the cops was trying to help. When the cop turned around and walked away, she was all of us. Especially, I would assume, the crazy lady’s friends and family who have all done the same. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of her cats left her as well.

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