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Gov. Andrew Cuomo Admits Thousands Of Ventilators In Warehouses

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Admits Thousands Of Ventilators In Warehouses

After hearing Gov. Cuomo of New York criticize Trump for not sending enough ventilators has had to admit that there are thousands in New York Warehouses, it is his state, not Trump, that is not passing them out.

Cuomo responded to a comment from President Donald Trump on Twitter that there were thousands of ventilators in New York not being used.

This has not prevented Cuomo and the press from grabbing the spotlight and accuse Trump of holding things up when in reality is the governor and local administrations that are doing this.

This started with Cuomo tweeting this:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: ”FEMA is sending us 400 ventilators. Four hundred ventilators? I need 30,000 ventilators. You want a pat on the back for sending 400 ventilators? What am I going to do with 400 ventilators, when I need 30,000? You pick the 26,000 people who are going to die because you only sent 400 ventilators!”

After Cuomo’s criticism, Vice President Mike Pence said the federal government was sending 2,000 ventilators to New York. Speaking on Fox News, President Trump hinted that more federal aid might be contingent on Cuomo — and other governors — ending their criticisms of the White House.

President Donald Trump: “No, I think we’re doing very well. But, you know, it’s a two-way street. They have to treat us well also.”

This set off the left and its voice, the press, they started to accuse Trump of not sending supplies unless Democratic Critics gave him credit for doing so.

Trump said that news outlets like CNN were “doing everything they can to instill fear in people,” while some Democrats were “trying to gain political favor by saying a lot of untruths.” His acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, went even further, saying that journalists were hyping the coronavirus because “they think this will bring down the president; that’s what this is all about.”

When the press went crazy attacking Trump Trump them blasted out a tweet questioning what Cuomo was doing:

“Yes, they’re in a stockpile because that’s where they are supposed to be, because we don’t need them yet,” Cuomo said. “We need them for the apex, the apex isn’t here, so we’re gathering them in a stockpile.”

Cuomo’s comments demonstrate there is not an immediate shortage in ventilators in the city, despite alarming reports.

“We don’t need them today, because we’re not at capacity today, that’s why they’re not deployed because they’re not needed,” Cuomo said.

The governor has repeatedly complained that the federal government is not sending enough ventilators to New York.

Cuomo on Tuesday pleaded for the federal government to send 30,000 ventilators to the state, warning that its hospitals will be overwhelmed by the growing number of cases. The governor had said the state had obtained 7,000 ventilators, including 400 from the federal government.

The president responded to the governor’s appeal during a Fox News interview later Tuesday, saying Cuomo is “supposed to be buying his own ventilators.” 

We have witnessed the left who say that this virus should never be politicized, then turn around and in the next sentence start attacking Trump politically.

Congressman Thomas Massie Threatens To Hold Up Stimulus Vote

In other news Congressman Thomas Massie has threatened to slow down the House Stimulus vote by demanding an open vote (not sure why all votes aren’t counted like this), this set off John Kerry, have to say I loved the response that Trump gave:

I admit I would have responded differently after all the nonsense Kerry has pulled I would have asked him if he was going to self-quarantine due to he obviously suffers from the same affliction.

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