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Cuomo Tries to Switch Blame For Nursing Home Deaths From Him To Trump

Cuomo Tries to Switch Blame For Nursing Home Deaths From Him To Trump

In what should not be a surprise to anyone, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has tried to shrug off the responsibility of deaths caused by his decision to move the elderly with COVID-19 to nursing homes and is now blaming this decision on Trump. 

When asked about his decision to send the elderly to places that were not prepared to deal with quarantine, the governor told New York reporters that they to “ask President Trump” about the nursing home deaths. 

He argued that New York was merely following federal government guidelines in sending all positive coronavirus patients to nursing homes.

“Anyone who wants to ask, ‘Why did the state do that with COVID patients in nursing homes,’ it’s because the state followed President Trump’s CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidance,” Cuomo told reporters, asked whether he regretted the directive which appears to have resulted in the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents.

“They should ask President Trump. I think that will stop the conversation,” he said, the Post reported.

Republican New York Rep. Elise Stefanik critiqued Cuomo for blaming Trump, saying in a Thursday tweet: “Governor Cuomo continues to point fingers at the federal government. But here are the FACTS regarding CDC guidance: The Governor’s decisions to MANDATE that nursing homes accept COVID-19 patients completely disregards the case-by-case approach recommended by the CDC.”

“CDC guidance was clear that decisions about discharging COVID-19 patients should be based on the ability of the accepting facility to meet the recommended infection control practices,” Stefanik continued. “This includes the ability to place residents in a designated COVID-19 care unit that is equipped with the resources and PPE to safely prevent the spread of infections.”

The governor failed to point out something the congresswoman was more than happy to point out. The guidelines said the hospital had to wait until the patients were done being transmitters of the virus before they could be transferred to nursing home facilities.

“Governor Cuomo’s MANDATE requires acceptance regardless of a nursing home’s capacity to accept COVID-19 positive cases safely,” she added.

Cuomo’s office was not returning calls from 0censor when we requested a further explanation of his comments.

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