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Dad Confronts School, Daughter Left in the Cold Without Food and Water for Hours Over Not Wearing a Mask

Dad Confronts School, Daughter Left in the Cold Without Food and Water for Hours Over Not Wearing a Mask

Written by Joseph Gunderson and Timothy Benton

America’s public school system is an unimaginable conglomeration of ignoranceinsanity, and hysteria for anyone just tuning in. Parents and students alike are becoming aware of this fact and speaking out against it, but it would seem the thick-skulled dunderheads who staff the schools are a little slow on the uptake. And even when governments tell them the masks need to be taken off our children, some of them refuse to end their inane policies.


This young lady didn’t wear a mask to school. So, what did the school do? They forced her to sit in the entry vestibule of the school for six hours! No food. No water. And when she needed to use the restroom, she was escorted outside and around the building to access one of the restrooms.

When the father confronted a staff member of the school, he was asked to stop recording and told, “You don’t even have a right to be here.”

“You have no evidence. You don’t even have a right to be here at this point except to pick your daughter up and take her home.”

“Why doesn’t she have a right to be here?”

“We’re doing the best we can to enforce the school policy for the safety of students.”

“They can’t continue it. It’s illegal.”

“And you may very well be right.”

I didn’t relay the entire conversation—you can watch the entire video for that—but I thought it was important to point out a few things. First, what a condescending prick this staff member is, am I right? No evidence of them mistreating his daughter. Bullsh*t. No right to be at the school? Guy-blow, he’s a taxpayer whose child attends your price of sh*t school. If he doesn’t have a right to be there, exactly who does?

But more to the point, what kind of gutless little worm these people are. He admits that what he is doing me very well be wrong, it may very well be illegal to do what he’s doing, but it’s what he’s been told to do. What kind of unscrupulous weasel is this man? And he exemplifies the kind of ignorance, cowardly compliance that characterizes too many of those entrusted to educate our students and those who serve the public more broadly. I mean, my God, why do these people gravitate to the teaching profession?!

This has gotten far too out of hand. It’s been ridiculous for quite some time, though, and I wonder how much more the American people are going to put up with before they say, “No more!”

Cross-posed from Louder With Crowder

Notes from the Editor

We as parents strive to protect our children to the best of our ability; when they are not with us, we expect the same from the schools they are attending. But one has to ask, “How is placing a child in a cold access way for hours with no food or water, isolated because they aren’t wearing a mask, protecting them in any way?

As a parent, I have a child about the same age, although he has special needs, so this would be not very clear; my reaction would be far less time than her parent were.

There has to be something to do about this; while I agree that other students need to be protected, if you look at statistics, the danger of an unmasked child is minimum to the rest. That is why many states are pulling the mask mandates for their children.

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I wish this were the only case, but it isn’t. On January twenty-fifth, students without masks in New York were locked in a library. A day later Virginia’s governor tried to justify placing children in isolated rooms and denying them an education over not wearing masks.

Last month there was outrage in Portland when teachers were forcing kindergarten children to sit outside and eat lunch on buckets in 40-degree weather, January 11 Fairfax County, Virginia felt the children needed a break from masks, so they forced them to sit outside in freezing weather while they were read to.

This is bordering on child abuse, if it has not already crossed the line, one has to wonder, how long will we allow government workers to treat our children like this?

One has to wonder, how long will we allow government workers to treat our children like this?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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  1. Lisel Sipes

    Get a good lawyer. That is a huge child abuse lawsuit. They must be the dumbest people I have heard of this year. Do they think that because the governments supposedly fund schools that they can abuse the children there? HUGE mistake.


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