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David Hogg Defends People Looting in Chicago

David Hogg Defends People Looting in Chicago

It’s clear that former child star David Hogg is looking to make a comeback. He had gained notoriety being the number one gun salesman two years in a row, but now he’s trying to branch out into all areas of social justice. This brain nugget I’m assuming is about the Chicago riots since it was trending all over Twitter earlier today. Hey, these clicks aren’t going to bait themselves.

Well, David. I have a right to condemn anything I damn well feel like, just because I’m a grown-ass man. The policing system does not murder Americans on a daily basis; that’s horsesh!t. Also, in the case of Chicago, that “loved one” fired on police first. So yes, when people are looting a Nordstrom’s over police not letting themselves be murdered, I am going to be somewhat critical over that. As is anyone else who is not a turd.

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What’s sad is this is actually how a lot of leftists think. They honestly believe cops are just roaming the streets of America looking for random people to kill. Bonus points if it’s someone who checks off one or more of the left’s preferred marginalized groups. If leftists are going to continue to be this ignorant, I have no problem telling them how to feel or act.

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