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David Rothkopf: Taliban & al-Qaeda Combined Aren’t as Big a Threat as Trump and His Supporters

David Rothkopf: Taliban & al-Qaeda Combined Aren’t as Big a Threat as Trump and His Supporters

Thousands of Americans are trapped in Afghanistan, and the Taliban are crowing about their victory over the world’s lone superpower, but far-Left “journalist” David Rothkopf wants to make sure we keep our head and focus on the perilous threat out there. Rothkopf tweeted Friday: “The Taliban, all of them together, plus every Al Qaeda fighter in the world, do not pose a threat to the United States that Trump or Trumpist extremists do. Let’s maintain our perspective.”


It seems the moronic left’s endless hatred has turned idiots like this into babbling idiots. What is more amazing, people like Rothkopf can’t understand why no one trusts the Media; this is a great example of why.

This is the same reporter who on Israel’s far-leftist site, Haaretz, repeated the lie that Trump said that Neo-Nazis were “Very Fine People,” he never said anything of that sort but did not prevent him from repeating the lie.

This should not surprise anyone; this is the same hateful site that put out:

The Six Lowest Points of Trump’s Corrupt, Racist, Impeached, Ignorant, Incompetent Clusterfuck of a Presidency

How the Fascist-friendly pro-Trump QAnon Conspiracy Theory Led to Insurrection

Big Tech’ Aren’t Nazis, and the American Right Must Stop Cosplaying as Hunted Jews.

Insurrection: How Trump Prepped His Far-right Army for Years to Invade the Capitol

Haaretz is not a news site; to claim otherwise is a lie. It is a propaganda arm of the far-left in Israel and America; it is the Israeli CNN.

David Rothkopf claims to be a political scientist, but one should use this term very lightly; like most academia today, truth does not matter; the only perception does.

He with the USA Today put out an article last year where he claims there is still Russian Collusion, even though millions were spent to prove this. In the end, even Mueller himself admitted there was no collusion.


In his book, TRAITOR: A HISTORY OF BETRAYAL FROM BENEDICT ARNOLD TO DONALD TRUMP, he jumps from conclusion to conclusion, ignores the findings of the special counsel, claims they did not have the right findings. Then he goes off on epic rants against anything and everything Trump. I got halfway through his book, could not stomach any more of his rather terrible TDS, and used it to level out a project I am working on in the workshop where I am trying to fix a bench with one leg too short. It was amazing; I finally found a good use for this useless book.

He attacked Israel for daring to protect itself from Hamas attacks, claimed not laying down and allowing Islamic terrorists to attack and terrorize the nation was somehow not acting like a real Jew.

See the source image

In the end, people like this show us all what is wrong with a college-level education, an institution posing as a place of higher education. In reality, today, it is nothing by a propaganda institution. We see from this man nothing but rants from the far-left, excuse after excuse for Biden’s failures, yet refusal to give any dues to Trump for what he succeeded in. If nothing else, this is another great example of why people like this should NEVER be in charge of this country.

It is people like this that confuse me. As a Jew, I can’t for the life of me understand the deep hatred from people like this for Trump and conservatives. This has driven many of them to turn on Israel simply because Trump was a strong nation supporter. If it meant destroying Israel to rid themselves of Trump, the American Jewish Left would have happily stood behind such a measure. Such hatred borders on insane, yet these are the people teaching our children, in much of the leftist press are the ones presenting the narrative.

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