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Day In The Rear View Mirror 5/2/2018

Day In The Rear View Mirror 5/2/2018

Muellers Questions for Trump revealed, Trump changes US policy in regards towards Israeli nukes, and Haley follows through with Taking Names threat in the UN.

Mueller Questions Revealed. 

In a release yesterday we found that there were questions revealed in a leak to the press that Mueller wishes to ask President Trump, many of these try to get into his personal likes, dislikes, and opinions of others.

The reality is there is no collusion, this whole thing has turned into a witch hunt, with nothing found Mueller has decided it is his mandate to dig until he finds something, rather than looking for collusion, something he and the house intel committee has said there is zero evidence of any proof of Trump having any ties or collusion with the Russians.

Mueller is threatening to subpoena the president if he does not comply, I think Trump should refuse, but go a step further if Mueller wants to continue with this charade, then Trump should fire him and deal with the fall that comes with it. I have no issue with looking at collusion, but this is not what the intent is, they are digging for anything to try to attack the president with, this is not how this was set up, when you can’t find something you have no legal right to then try to trip up and catch in something else.

Trump Issues New Direction Regarding Israeli Nukes

The US policy has for years concerning the possession of nuclear weapons by Israel has been if they don’t admit to ownership then the US can issue denials of them owning any weapons. Trump upended that yesterday by saying there will be no talk or push for a nuke-free Middle East until universal recognition of Israel by all actors in the Middle East. 

We have heard the uproar over Israel’s questioning of Iran, but Israel has not done what Iran has, called for Iran’s destruction, trained and armed terrorist who openly call for its destruction and tried to smuggle in arms every chance it gets. Israel has nukes in the same way the US has, they are put up in the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), thus not so secretly letting the Arabs know if they ever unite and go against Israel and destroy it, they will find their own homeland destroyed. This is the same policy the US has had for years, funny how people in the US who scream for Israel to give up their nukes say nothing about this.

The reality is the only reason Arab nations are concerned about nukes is they wish to attack with no worry about being struck back, for this reason alone, until there is genuine peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors they should NEVER give up any of this leverage, this is one of the main reason that since 1973 you have not seen another united attempt to destroy Isreal, the same as it kept the peace between the US and Russia for years.

Nikki Haley’s ‘Taking Names’

When the Jerusalem vote came up in the UN Nikki Haley said she would be taking names of who America’s friends and who was working against United States interests, yet kept coming to the US with their hand out to collect aid. In a move this week she has released the voting record of nations so we could see who is voting with and against us.

According to the report, the country that voted least with the U.S. was Zimbabwe – having voted zero times with America. According to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) foreign aid explorer website, Zimbabwe received $58 million in aid for this year.

Rounding out the bottom 10 nations not aligned with the U.S. were: Burundi, which received $2.9 million in U.S. aid; Iran (no U.S. aid); Syria ($72 million); Venezuela ($230,000); North Korea (no U.S. aid); Turkmenistan ($200,0000); Cuba ($115,000); Bolivia ($115,000); and South Africa ($100 million). All figures are from the USAID explorer website.

As the largest contributor to the United Nations, U.S. taxpayers gave $10 billion in 2016 for voluntary and assessed contributions. Voluntary contributions go to fund agencies such as UNICEF and the World Food Program (WFP). Assessed contributions are obligatory payments made by all member states and based on such things as per capita income and population. It funds peacekeeping and the regular budget of the U.N.

One has to wonder if these nations rarely if ever vote in our interests, yet we are giving the UN billions in aid that is passed to these nations who are aligned against us, why are we giving them anything at all? Sadly in some ways, we deal with the old thought under Obama of buying friendship, but that is just outright stupid, if someone does not like you, they will still not like you if you give them money, but now they may have some cash to do something about their hatred.

One of the worst nations today is South Africa, with the outright racist government, I would love to see 100% of all aid cut off to them as long as they are stripping land, stealing, assaulting people just because they are white.

It is time we start putting attachments with this money, if you are going to receive aid, I don’t care if it goes through the UN or not, if they are unwilling to enforce what we ask for of our aid, maybe we should look at cutting off funds, but either side with us or ask for money from a nation that you do side with.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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