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The Left’s Next Move, Demand Illegals Be Allowed To Vote

The Left’s Next Move, Demand Illegals Be Allowed To Vote

One of the things that drive me crazy, is you look at work done with different area’s to check for validity of the votes, you find they have people that are not supposed to vote either voting more than once or people due to felony supervision not able to vote, but over the years I have heard of hundreds of cases of this in a single state, this is a rule refused to be investigated by most blue states, yet other then the numberr of convictions I can count on my fingers, there have been no other charges. Why is this? Could it be the left could care less about illegal votes by illegal aliens, due to this is part of their agenda, they want all illegals to vote?

It turns out the only state I have seen any sentencing is Texas; there are a few cases that come off the top of my head, an illegal voting five times, was caught, and then sentenced for eight years. She naturally was supported by the left who found her conviction over the top, and she claimed that she was just a scapegoat, but in the end, if you are not here legally, you should be allowed no voice, other than to agree to go back to where you came from, having a vote cast and caught, you should serve time, then be expelled the second you are released from the nation. 

Another case was not illegal voting. Instead, a candidate running for office was caught voting in two statesMaryland Democrat Wendy Rosennaturally, she was a Democrat, but other than dropping out of a race for a seat, nothing else was done, I have to ask, why? If you are going to illegally vote twice, it is not like you have no clue what you are doing, we all know you are allowed one vote, that is it, if you betray that trust you should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, we have to protect the validity of our elections, in my opinion, this is worse then many other crimes, for this has the ability to not only affect hundreds of millions here, but billions around the world. In that same election she was not the only one caught, there were hundreds of illegals that were shown to have had gotten out of doing jury duty due to their citizen status, yet they showed up in the voting records, one has to ask, why was nothing done with them?

But things have even gone further south, now not only are these people who should not be voting supported in what many liberals believe is their right to vote, but they are also starting to demand they be given the right to vote. I watched Tucker this week; there were two cases where a guest came out and openly called for all illegals to vote, they said no taxation without representation. We saw some of this come to the front when the announcement came out that in the census being taken will have a question, are the people citizens or not, the left is screaming that this is unconstitutional, that is pure garbage, we have in most census asked for this, just recently have we not, there is no crime in asking this. The reason for this is simple; the left wants them counted due to they would then be added into the mix when representatives are figured out if you add the illegals you can skew the numbers to the left’s advantage. But this went. Further, the attorney, who by the way is an illegal himself, yet is allowed to practice in our court of laws, is saying there should be given a right to vote not by citizenship, rather people that are here illegally. 

Tucker stated it very well, citizenship is what determines our political landscape, to claim this is not what America stands for is nonsense, we determine our leadership, not illegals from another country. What is more, there are cities now that allow illegals to vote in their elections, We have this in Maryland where a tie-breaking vote from the mayor, the City Council in College Park approved the measure to allow undocumented immigrants, student visa holders and residents with green cards to vote in local elections, The Washington Post reports.

We have heard in the past, I believe this was a move by the left to try to set up what they are now starting to voice, to allow all to vote, even illegal citizens, that the constitution does not give the right for citizens to vote, but in so doing they ignore rulings by the High Court that showed otherwise. 

As was stated in Politifact Wisconsin:

In presenting his bill, which is co-sponsored by U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., Pocan said he wanted to make it more difficult for states to impose rules on voting, such as having to present a photo identification in order to cast a ballot. We won’t take up here what impact their proposed amendment might have.

We find when this is explored this is not true, but the truth is neither of representatives cared about the right to vote, what the whole bill was about was to prevent any state from demanding the right to impose that if you were going to vote you should have to show proof of citizenship.

The whole problem comes from the fact that the left has lost in record numbers seats in not just the Federal elections, but governor seats, state houses, this shift has been huge, this has the left now casting for where to get their votes. They know the one group that as a rule supports them are illegals, this is why they are starting to voice their displeasure that they are not allowed to vote, what is more, surprising to me is that GOP leaders in both the Senate and the House are supporting this, I have to question if they even care that this is a move by the left to subvert this nation to their will, or are they part of the problem. 

Where is this coming from? In a Rasmussen poll done in 2015 we already saw that the majority of Democrats think illegals should vote, and why not, they know they would vote overwhelmingly for their party, turns out if the Democrats can’t get legal citizens to vote for them, just go out and find a bunch of illegals, why else do you think they are making every excuse up under the moon to prevent proof of citizenship when voting?

We have heard that  illegals are contributing far more to this nation then they cost us in services, in Cost of Illegal Immigrants I went over what they cost the US, we in no way break even, they cost far, far more then they contribute, what is more, our resources that should be used on our citizens in many cases are being diverted for people that should not even be here. We went further into the cost due to crimes committed by this group, the lack of enforcement with deportations and the cost to American taxpayers for their incarceration with Illegal Immigrants and Crime.

I will stop right here what happened last time I wrote an article like this; I was suddenly attacked for being a racist. I have no problems with migrants or Mexicans, the two mentioned articles, when they came out I came under instant attacks from social media saying I was xenophobic, somehow that I hated Hispanic people, there is only one slight problem.

First, my first wife was Hispanic, I never ended that marriage because of her race, it was her actions, never cared about any of this, the other problem with this is  I am Jewish, my wife is an immigrant, she is Hmong, came here LEGALLY when she was three months old, without legal immigration I would not be here today, neither would my son, but in the end this is about a break down in the rule of law when the left determines that the law is not advantageous to their goals.

I 100% support legal immigration, I think these people are what made this country what it is today, but I equally give 0% support for illegal migration, while I understand what drives people to come here illegally, I don’t support amnesty in any way. 

I finish this with a question, “Why is it when a family is starving, if the parents are caught shoplifting they are prosecuted, the fact that their children are hungry does not give them a pass to commit a crime, but we then say if people are faced with hardship from other countries, if they break the law coming here, break it again to work here, why are they given a pass when our citizens aren’t?”

In the end, we show our citizens that we value people who shouldn’t be here over them, that is not what leaders should be doing, but that is what is happening.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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