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Democrat Brokered Convention, Crazies Rule The Day!

Democrat Brokered Convention, Crazies Rule The Day!

With no clear winner with the DNC, and while Biden is leading the pack, his lead is not enough that he would be safe if a brokered convention, one where delegates can combine their representatives to pull up an upset duo running against Trump.

What will be interesting is what happens if there is no winner with the first ballot, this could set the convention off scrambling to court superdelegates, members who are not allowed to vote in the first ballot, but are allowed after that, and to do so with their full power.

We today are seeing Biden hanging on, this is primarily due to support among the African American delegates, but he has done nothing but alienate people all over the US. Going off on a speech and telling coal miners that you will make them unemployed, but will make them all programmers is not the way to win their votes.

He has furthered angered the far left by daring to say he would consider a GOP running mate, that was enough to send the far-left into a frenzy. While Biden was able to stumble through the primaries, one has to wonder, would he be up to a head to head against Trump, how would he deal with a combative Trump in debates? This is what the delegates are going to be looking at in the convention.

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What would be ideal is if Warren and Sanders were able to unite on a ticket with a brokered convention, this is a ticket that the center and swing voters would never support, Trump would end up eating them alive in debates.

Many do not understand in the DNC what this polarization has done to the electorate; it has pushed 35% to the far left that will support the DNC whoever they put on the ticket, they will vote Democrat no matter what. You have the same with the 35% that is sitting on the right. These votes are given to republicans without any thought towards the other side, and these votes are set, they will not change.

Where you have the issue is the center, the independents or swing voters that are sitting right or left of center, if you bring candidates from either side that is more to the extreme of the party, you will lose these people.

Trump is by all accounts more center-right, he has never been a classical conservative; he is more a constitutionalist, you can see this by his appointments to judicial seats and the Supreme Court.

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On the other side, you have Sanders and Warren; they are to the far-left. This is where the most vocal supporters of the DNC are coming from. Many of them think it is time for a radical reshaping of America to continue down the path that Obama set forth, but to swing our nation much further towards leftist socialism.

They are the ones pushing the DNC into a brokered convention, one where they will have a more significant voice; they are not so willing to forget what they consider as an injustice done to Sanders in 2016.

The Democrats have traditionally counted on both the African American and Jewish groups to give them support. Today this is not the case. In the latest polling, we see that they could lose around 15% of their voters with the African American community. In 2016 Trump pulled in just 6% of the African American vote. This could factor in a considerable way come 2020.

The Jewish vote, even though they make up a smaller percentage of the US demographic for the US, is still counted on the DNC, not to mention their ability to tap into Jewish Liberal funding sources. With antisemitism on the rise with left, on campuses, and on the streets, the Democratic Jewish support is starting to show cracks.

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The left is blind to this trend, they are trying to say that Sanders is Jewish, but let’s be honest here, he could care less about Jewish concerns, sure not about Israel. He would dance on the grave of Israel if he could force his socialist agenda on the world, so to use him as an example, with rabid anti-semites like OAC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida supporting him is not doing him any good in drawing in Jewish support.

The other problem that the DNC is facing, one that has them scratching their heads in confusion, this is the Hispanic support for Trump, something that today stands at over 30%, in 2016 he got 28% of the Hispanic vote, this could also factor in another surprise for the Democrats, just like they were in 2016.

Where the Democrats are finding themselves confused here is they put out a narrative with their talking heads in the news that Trump said all Latinos were rapist and murderer’s, something he never said; he said Mexico was sending us their rapist and murderers. There is a vast difference in this statement and saying you are inclusive of all in this statement, but that was the narrative the left wanted to run with, now they are surprised that Latinos are not buying into it.

We are seeing a slide in the traditional groups that Democrats counted on for votes come election time. Still, now with these numbers coming in, they are looking at a possible landslide against them, one that they seem to be ignored because it is not fitting in the narrative they are trying to spin. One can hope they continue this, move further to the left, we could look at a Reagan type of election win, with the Democrats losing control of the house, and losing any chance of affecting anything in the Senate as their numbers dwindle.

With the possibility of a brokered convention, we could see the party nominate someone that is much further to the left then even Obama was. The question here is with a brokered convention, how much power would these superdelegates have if we see no one picked in the first ballot.

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