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Democrat Insurrection

Democrat Insurrection

Democrats and their Cabal have tainted us all. It’s time to shed the past and stand up for what God has given us…America. Elections do have consequences. A one-party democracy is no democracy at all!

I have learned through the years that Democrats announce their intentions by what they accuse the opposition of doing. When they accuse Republicans or Trump supporters of insurrection, they have insurrection planned. This time their quest for power took on a Machiavellian approach…a one-party democracy.


The Democrats were determined to win an election that they knew they couldn’t win. Trump was doing too good a job. They had a final agenda that started with Obama and would force it on the American people, legal or otherwise. They were pushed and financed by American corporate elitists (big media, big tech, big pharma, big business) that gave up on America decades ago.

Everything Democrats touch goes to hell

They left the Republican Party and drifted toward the Democrat Radical Left. The elite decided that American democracy was no longer working for them. The government was preventing them from ‘running roughshod over the American public.’ The elite never could abide by the principle of equal rights under the law. Having the same rights and freedoms as the ‘common folk’ was abhorrent to them. They chose China as their model to preserve their affluence. Finding friends in the radical Left of the Democrat Party, they both took over the party. They became…let’s call it a CABAL. You see and finance this Cabal every time you tune into CNN, MSNBC, buy an iPhone, etc. Their buzzword became…globalism. They are now well into their plan to destroy this country as it was founded. One news commentator on Fox said it well…“What they stand for is satanic.”

Everything Democrats touch goes to hell…American prestige, our military, physical and fiscal health, education, international relations, employment, manufacturing, and energy independence. Millions of unvetted people and massive amounts of drugs are entering our country from totally open borders. The Democrats are spending big money, not in the billions, but in the trillions assuring a new dependent class, larger than it ever has been. The plan is to keep themselves and their corporate buddies in power, keep the people in line and prepare us for a globalist takeover…a commufascist system.

The Trump presidency prompted the Democrats and China to manufacture a virus now to authorize a state of emergency to impose totalitarian control. It has allowed lockdowns and destroyed small businesses. It has ceased or seriously interrupted education for our students and, most importantly, permitted the administering of experimental vaccines that no one knows what the long-term effects will be. It will make their friends and supporters at big-pharma rich beyond their wildest dreams. Companies like Moderna have increased in value by 500% since COVID-19. Hospitals and doctors have been bought off by the government and big pharma and ordered to follow their agenda. That is, use the drugs they tell you. No Hydroxy or Ivermectin. They know they work. The billionaire elites have prospered greatly. Some eminent doctors have accused other doctors of acting like they’re in a trance, going against their better medical judgment.

On every front the Democrats have failed

And to top it all, a military fiasco, unlike anything we have ever seen in history unfolding in front of our TV screens, commanded by a totally incompetent President and Joint Chiefs that were more absorbed in studying race relations than in military tactics. It’s looking more and more like a Titanic sinking with people stranded in the cold water, a potential loss of life of hundreds of people. Never mind the $80 billion in new military equipment left behind.

The Biden administration and the senior military leadership seem to have not allowed or planned for any contingency, hoping that the Taliban will somehow walk us to the door. It seems through the years we have learned nothing about our enemies and our enemies that pretend to be friends.

As we have said on these pages before, this is another excuse for Biden to bring in more aliens and people to dilute our culture and stock theirs. Now, another 50,000 – 100,000 Islamic illegals without visas, void of any loyalty except to Islam, invading our country, not unlike another Islamic Euro invasion. Admittedly, some Afghans that helped us deserve to be protected, but they should stay in the region. Years later, after Obama flew in thousands of Somalis in the middle of the night, the vast majority of them still believe we should impose Sharia Law. Dozens of Somalis, both men, and women have left the U.S. to join terrorist groups worldwide. Crimes such as an attempt to burn down St. Catherine University, the murdering of women, assault and battery for no apparent reason, and massive welfare fraud, sending millions of dollars to Somalia have plagued Minneapolis. The ugly face of multiculturalism.

This debacle could have a cascading effect. It could destroy NATO as no ally will now trust us. The United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency, already faltering by the Democrats’ spending spree, will be in danger. Our dollar’s value is dependent on America’s power and place in the world. If that should falter, and we lose the status as the world’s reserve currency, every American will see a marked reduction in the standard of living. We will not spend freely on government programs, infrastructure, or just about anything else. Social Security? Forget it. Savings? It will be worth much less. Every product that is imported will cost significantly more. Think about that. Also, think about the possibility that we can no longer issue food stamps or welfare. Crime will double and triple. The world will be unwilling to take on our debt while seeing significantly increased inflation across the board.

On every front, the Democrats have failed. Along with our senior military command, they have displayed a colossal failure in leadership and government expertise, unless, of course, this is part of their plan to destroy the country and start over.

The Cabal has proven they are anti-God, anti-American, and pro-globalist

Chaos is reigning everywhere. The Cabal has proven they are anti-God, anti-American, and pro-globalist. They don’t chant the USA, and they spurn everything good and decent about our country and our culture. They should be considered terrorist organizations.

When I hear people say, “We’ll win the midterms in 2022,” I laugh. The Democrats will never allow a midterm election. They know they will lose. They worked too hard to achieve the power they have ill-gotten. They are not about to hand it over to anyone, let alone Republicans. The Dems will continue the chaos. They will push us to the brink, creating false flags until they have an excuse to declare Martial Law, cancel the elections, and attempt to put their foot on every American’s neck.


This is a time of retrospection. A time to decide who you are, what you believe in. Americans are good and decent people, but Democrats and their Cabal have tainted us all. It’s time to shed the past and stand up for what God has given us…America. Elections do have consequences.

A one-party democracy is no democracy at all.

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