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Democrat Presidental Hopefuls Blame Syrian Civil War On Global Warming

Democrat Presidental Hopefuls Blame Syrian Civil War On Global Warming

In a move that is now becoming commonplace, even if the logic behind it escapes all of us, presidential hopeful’s Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke and Bernie Sanders sure think so. At the CNN climate town hall, these three stated that global warming was so bad it contributed to the Syrian Civil war.

While this claim is hardly new, there is the fact that a drought has been in place in Syria since 2006, to blame a war that had more to do with oppression on freedom from Assad and radical Islamic parties doing this all over the Middle East hardly supports this claim. Instead what we have are activist posing as climatologist who are trying to further their agenda by associating every bad thing in the world to climate change.

“Wars that were precipitated by climate change, like Syria, will pale in comparison to the wars that we see in the future,” O’Rourke warned. Both candidates follow the lead of Sanders, who has long claimed that “climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism”. Recently, he told his followers, “Climate change is one of the greatest threats to global security. As we see more drought, as poor people are not able to grow the food they need, there will be migrations of millions of people all over the world.”

Turns out Sanders, who is so quick to dismiss radical Islamic elements directly contributing to this violence like many of the activist climatologist are grasping at straws to blame this on anything, anything else.

I found this suprising, but found Bjorn Lomborg, Opinion contributor,USA TODAY actually agreed with this, he stated:

This is an example of the messy game of “Telephone” that passes for climate policy discussion today. Scientists write a nuanced research paper. These findings become distorted in the interests of sharing a clear narrative with the public. Then a politician seizes on the news and twists the story even further.

To make the case for the link between terrorism and global warming, Sanders linked to a news story with a provocative headline: “Climate change will increase risk of violent conflict, researchers warn”.

Science direct has climatologist that directly challenged this by stating: “There is very little merit to the ‘Syria climate conflict thesis.’ ” Further, The Center for Climate & Security stated:

“An exaggerated focus on climate change shifts the burden of responsibility for the devastation of Syria’s natural resources away from the successive Syrian governments since the 1950s and allows the Assad regime to blame external factors for its own failures.” It concluded: “The possible role of climate change in this chain of events is not only irrelevant; it is also an unhelpful distraction.”

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While drought can add pressure to a nation, with the overthrow of ruler after ruler until the early 60’s when the Fascist Arab party, the Baathist overthrow the Syrian leadership first under Salah Jadid after him his successor Hafez al-Assad, has done much to contribute to this. When you have oppression of a people by heavy-handed tyrants, this is the main contributor to bringing about the revolution.

I must add, I find it interesting, the Arab Baathist Party raised out of the teachings of Fascism, then made up to a more Arab centered ideology, is called the world a far-leftist party, yet Germany is called far-right. I don’t want to get off subject here, but the reality is both were far-left socialist parties that had a strong sense of nationalism, the only difference was one believed in German superiority, the other Arab. This is the same party that Saddam Hussein came from, also Egypt’s Nasser.

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What we see now is the same thing the left did with the term “racist,” accusations from the #MeToo community and other such words, they take what started well, then abuse it, use it as a catchphrase to attack their enemies, soon the stigma associated with these terms has lost all meaning. Today if you say that someone is a racist, I assume first that they must not agree with Democrats.

While I do believe the climate is changing, I will not accept the doctrine of Climate Change as a religious edict, I want to see claims supported by evidence, something the inquisitors of the left deem as heretical.

None of this should surprise us, after all, Bernie brought Linda Sarsour into his campaign to work as a campaign surrogate for him, I wonder what rabid Jew hater he will bring in next, maybe David Duke.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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