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Democratic Congresswoman Has Dire Warning for Biden Campaign After Talking to Voters

Democratic Congresswoman Has Dire Warning for Biden Campaign After Talking to Voters

Democrats already counting on the restoration of liberal rule in the nation’s capital should try listening to Rep. Debbie Dingell in the nation’s heartland.

They might not like what they hear, but at least they won’t be so surprised come Tuesday if the polls they’ve been banking on for the entire presidential election season turn out to be just as useless as they were in 2016, when Donald Trump’s then-improbable victory changed the course of American history.

“It’s tightening here in Michigan,” the Michigan congresswoman told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Thursday morning. “I am out there … And yesterday, I had some of the autoworkers, who I thought were going to go back to Joe Biden, were very clear with me last night that they’re voting for President Trump.”

Check out the interview below. Dingell might be a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, like her late husband, the veteran Congressman John Dingell, but here she makes more sense alone than the rest of her party put together:

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The main reason for the support for Trump — which comes through loud and clear to anyone listening to Dingell with a mind that’s not poisoned by hatred of the president — is that to any sane American, it’s obvious that Democrats left the concerns of ordinary voters behind long ago.

Despite the laughably empty boast, Biden made during the second presidential debate, when he declared “I am the Democratic Party,” anyone following the news even casually knows that Democrats have long since been overtaken by the party’s woke wing.

Obsessed with racial injustice, Democrats have come to accept it as normal that the country’s inner cities are destroyed by rioting mobs — and even defend it on the flimsiest of grounds.

Obsessed with “climate change,” Democrats push a Green New Deal that will destroy the American economy while bragging about eliminating entire industries built on fossil fuels (not a way to win industrial states like Michigan and Pennsylvania).

Obsessed with their need to blame Trump for the worldwide disaster of the Chinese coronavirus, they’re backing a candidate who places the health of the economy a distant second to hiding from the possibility of illness.

Those are ideas that might play well to leftist young adults who’ve had months to riot because their college classes were canceled. Those ideas might play well with liberal editorial boards and Hollywood starlets.

But those groups aren’t the Americans who decide elections.

“What we’re seeing now is that on the ground people have to turn out the vote,” Dingell told Camerota (who didn’t appear at all happy with the message).

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“As you know, President Trump’s coming back on Friday, my grapevine tells me he’ll probably be back again before Election Day, President Obama and Joe Biden will be here.

“And it’s coming down to who they’re targeting and who’s going to turn out. I think Democrats need to talk to the working men and women of the auto industry, the good, hard-core workers that have always been the backbone of our economy.”

There was a time when the Democratic Party was actually built on those “hard-core workers.” But that time has been passing since “Reagan Democrats” became part of the country’s political lexicon.

The Bill Clinton strategy of recapturing the working-class vote by feigning moderation is passe now in a Democratic Party where socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders has made a serious drive for the party’s nomination in two elections running.

It’s important to remember that in 2016, Dingell was sounding the same warning, one of the few nationally prominent Democrats who tried to tell her party that it was heading for defeat.

“The ordinary working man or woman in this country isn’t asking for a lot. They want to make a decent living. They want to be able to provide for their family, buy a home in a safe neighborhood, put food on the table, go the doctor when they need to, afford their medicines and educate their children,” Dingell wrote in a post-mortem of the 2016 Democrat defeat for The Washington Post. “What many don’t understand is how these things are in danger of becoming unattainable for too many Americans.”

That’s a paragraph far too few Trump haters can understand, whether it’s the trendy, millennial socialist followers of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the NeverTrump grifters of the Lincoln Project, or the biggest stars of Hollywood and late-night television.

But it’s the “ordinary working man or woman” who are the Americans showing up by the tens of thousands at Trump rallies, massive auto convoys and boat parades, even heading into an election where the majority of polls forecast defeat. And those are the Americans whose votes are going to show up to vote in numbers that are likely to astonish the world.

Dingell’s warning to Democrats was clear:

“We cannot, and I’m saying that strongly now after the last few days on the ground, we cannot forget that autoworker. The steelworker. The Teamster, whose job they’ve lost and are worried about, and they want to know what Democrats will do,” she said.

But Democrats have already left those voters behind, and it isn’t likely that a weekend swing by a cadaverous Joe Biden, with his own influence-peddling scandal hanging over his head, is going to make anyone forget that.

Democrats and the media might not like what Dingell had to say on Thursday, but they should listen anyway.

That way, if they’re as disappointed this year as they were in 2016, at least they won’t be surprised.

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