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Democrats Pushing Add Slavery Reparations To Their Platform

Democrats Pushing Add Slavery Reparations To Their Platform

In a move that should surprise very little, the Left is now pushing on the subject of reparations, deciding even though not one person alive today had anything to do with slavery that all people, but in their well-meaning but demented minds, somehow everyone that is white holds a guilty verdict in this institution.

But is this really so simple? Who were the ones that went and sold the slaves to slavers, was it the whites? No, actually the majority of slaves were captured from warring tribes, many more were captured and sold by Muslims back then, so are we going to include these people as well?

And if you are going to pass blame, why is it we in the Northern US are held accountable for this, it was after all the Northern Union troops that fought, bled and died to stop this institution from happening?

Further, h0w do we figure out reparations, and if this is the case, and a whole class of people is held guilty worldwide, then can I as a Jew sue the blacks, they claim that they were the ancient Egyptians for the slavery instituted on my people? I personally have no problem with this, we both get to charge interest, the Slavery trade as we know of it existed for about 200 years with blacks from Africa being captured, sold to slavers, but so did my people, so if they get to charge interest for a 100 years, then so should I be able to.

I told an African American this, he did get a slight bit agitated, if that is what you call threatening to attack me, I told him here is a great idea, you charge what you think you are owed, I will do the same, since the time period is the same, the only thing to think of is the interests, since slavery ended around 150 years ago he could charge interest for that period of time, since the slavery of the Jews by the black Egyptians, remember, this is his claim, not mine, then I should be able to charge about 4,000 years interest. I think he got agitated when I told him he would owe so much to me he would have to sell himself back into slavery.

But this even goes deeper, if we are going to make claims, don’t we then have to hold everyone accountable that was involved with this? If you do this then here is the problem, and there are more then one. The largest breeder and seller of slaves at the outbreak of the civil war was a black man, so why isn’t he and all his offspring held to pay? Further, if you look at blacks in the South, the free ones, they actually had a higher percentage of them hold slaves then the whites did, so how do we figure out whom these people are? Also, if you look at the records from New Orleans prior to the war, over 40% of all black families held at least one slave, some, even more, so is everyone from that city then not part of this?

This is just more stupidity from the left, the reality is who would pay this, if you came to me, I would tell you or even the tax people what they could do with this, I never held any slaves, you can’t legally in this nation hold the children, let along the great, great great grandchildren accountable for something their ancestor did.

And if this is the case that money is owed, we have spent trillions of US dollars on social welfare, housing, food stamps and a host of other programs in the black community trying to lift them out of it (not that this worked, now we have multiple generations living on welfare that have never worked a day in their life), can we then offset what they think we owe with the money we have already invested? And what about the money we have had to pay for riots when the communities riot for cops daring to shoot back at criminals firing at them, shouldn’t this be offset as well?

Personally, I am tired of this, the constant victim act, it is time for this to stop. If you wish to go around being the victim, more so for something done that I can promise no one was part of, nor was anyone’s parent or grandparents, this is as stupid as me suing all blacks for slavery of my ancestors in Egypt so many years ago. I hate to break it to these people, but you are owed nothing, the only thing you are owed or promised is to be born and die, what you do in between these two events is up to you.

These claims aren’t baseless, if you wish you can go through the articles I have written in the past, they lay out the reference that supports what I am saying. It is time to stop this emotional victim blaming, we need to move on, and as for me, I would not pay a dime, I had nothing to do with this. Also, in regard to the people saying they are men, they are owed this, such as the leaders of the New Black Panther party, I say you are not men, men would go out and earn their own money, not demand others give up what they worked for to your lazy butts.

Last time I wrote on this subject I got demonetized from Google, now Yahoo and Bing have shut down search engine results for my articles, but I will not be silent for the truth. If the truth offends you, that is not my problem, the truth should never be molded to keep all from being offended; if you do this all you end up with are a series of lies.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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