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Democrats Are In Full Panic Over rapidly declining Numbers of Hispanic Supporters

Democrats Are In Full Panic Over rapidly declining Numbers of Hispanic Supporters

MSNBC had a guest who told the Left they should be in a full panic over the Democratic party’s Hispanic exodus.

Maybe they are, but even if it’s not enough to panic, says this MSNBC/NBC News contributor. Why? Just think about it.

Not only do Democrats rely on the minority vote falling in line and obeying their will, they specifically rely on it in Florida, where they MUST beat Trump to win.

“Hair on fire” is the right phrase.

Joe Biden, at this point, is looking to have the weakest support seen from the Hispanic vote in the last four elections. Obama had 70% of their vote, Clinton had 66%. The falling of votes as the left moves further and further to the left should come as no surprise considering how many of the Hispanic community is here due to fleeing oppressive socialist regimes.

Considering that Latinos constitute more than 10 percent of eligible voters in a dozen states, including crucial battlegrounds such as Florida (20 percent) and Arizona (23 percent), it’s difficult to see how Biden can win a majority in the Electoral College unless he quickly improves his standing among these voters.

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And recent polls reveal that the former vice president is actually losing ground with Latinos. In Tuesday’s NBC News/Marist poll, for example, Trump led Biden among Latino voters 50 percent to 46 percent. Unimpressed? Remember that Hillary Clinton beat Trump among these same voters 62-35 and still failed to win the Sunshine state. Is it plausible that Biden can carry this must win battleground if his Latino support is 16 points below Clinton’s lead? Marist is not the only poll showing Biden in trouble with Florida Latinos. Referring to a poll conducted by Bendixen & Amandi International, the Miami Herald reports,

The poll of 500 likely Miami-Dade voters, released Tuesday, found Trump far behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden 38% to 55% in Miami-Dade, where Democrats typically need to run up the score.… But Trump doesn’t need to win Miami-Dade. He just needs to do better in the Democratic-leaning county to offset possible losses in other parts of Florida. In 2016, he lost Miami-Dade to Hillary Clinton by 30 points — about 290,000 votes — but won the state.

Why is the margin between Trump and Biden in this Democratic stronghold only about half of the lead Clinton enjoyed four years ago? Latinos are just not impressed by the former vice president, and they constitute about 65 percent of the Miami-Dade population. Nor does the Biden campaign seem to understand how much rides on the Latino vote this year. Because he is clearly losing ground in Florida, Arizona has become a make-or-break state for Biden. He purportedly leads there, but Trump won it in 2016 by 4 points, and the Arizona Republic reports that Biden has been dilatory in his Latino outreach:

Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden’s campaign has been slow to reach out to Latino voters, who have become increasingly influential in battleground states such as Arizona with large and fast-growing Latino populations.… Latino leaders and grassroots organizers remain concerned that Biden’s campaign is taking Latino voters for granted, including the growing numbers of younger Latinos who recently have become eligible to vote, and is missing out on an opportunity to expand support among Latinos who could play a deciding role in 2020.

Part of the problem is Biden and the Democrats are doing nothing but trashing Trump, they aren’t sharing how having them in power will benefit the Hispanic community, and Trump Bashing will not go far, there is little TDS among the Hispanic population.

The Democrats have counted on their overwhelming support among minorities to make up for what they can’t count on from the rest of the population. Yet, with 42% approval ratings for Trump from the Black Community, the Hispanics are leaving the DNC is groves due to their embrace of socialist ideology, this could come together in a perfect storm come November, with Biden and the Democrats losing, but this time it could be by a landslide.

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