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Democrats Once More Attack Rights Rather Then Shooter

Democrats Once More Attack Rights Rather Then Shooter

We saw yesterday the outrage, blame on Trump without the facts coming in. But then this is the way of the left today; they blame, then when the truth comes out that shows the opposite of what they claim, you hear nothing more, they don’t want focus on the truth, only their rhetoric.

A great example of this is the shooting at the Garlic Festival; the shooter was said to be a Trump supporter. The same thing with the New Zealand shooter, and others, yet when the facts started to come out you find these people despised Trump, were democrat environmentalist, or in the case of this weekend, we had a racist who was an environmentalist, the Texas shooter was a registered Democrat, but none of this matters.

We hear that due to abuse of the 2nd Amendment we should lose this fundamental right given to us in the constitution, but I have never heard the same demands when people abuse the other rights, one has to wonder, why is that? And if any attacks against our constitutional rights are coming, it only seems to come from the left.

People make what is termed by some as hate speech, yet we don’t hear universal outcry that their right for speech should be taken away, the high court ruled this right to free speech is given not to protect speech we like, rather speech we disagree with, find offensive, and don’t like. Funny how the left has issue with this as well, you hear all the time their attempts to shut down speech they think is against their socialist sensibilities.

If a member of the government, says the police want to do an illegal search, the left is the first to scream about their rights, and correctly so, I have never heard the right to be protected from illegal search and seizure be yelled to be taken away from us, but it is being done. We have all our personal information seized and monetized by a leftist organization such as Facebook and Google, wonder where their outrage is over this?

I do find it interesting how the left screams about constitutional rights, but look to the Democrats in Congress, they seem to think they are above the law. The right to not give testimony that would incriminate yourself is a fundamental right, but Congress and the special counsel we just had, they seem to think they don’t have to abide by this, and the left supports this, why is that? We know the answer, the left only care about rights when it directly affects them. Otherwise, they think they above them.

The left wishes to scream about the 8th amendment, but they do so for the wrong reasons. They scream that going to prison is cruel and unusual, they stick up for criminals, all while living behind gates and guarded homes, but they are fine with this, they just don’t want the rest of us to be safe and secure in our homes. They blame the victim, protect the criminal, and we wonder why there are problems.

This brings us back to the 2nd Amendment, rather than blaming the person doing the shooting, the Left casts about for people or things to blame. They say the 2nd Amendment is outdated; it is not. They then say the good of the many should outweigh the good of a few, that is not what the constitution says.

We heard AOC get offended that Kevin McCarthy dared say it is the video games we allow our kids to play that is giving way to this, but she can’t dispute the fact. It was the Democrats that stripped prayer out of schools, then the teaching of scriptures, after this they attacked morals from Christianity, taught our children they should do what feels right, then wonder why this happened.

The Democrats were not happy here; they brought in science, said it would teach morality, told boys they could put on a dress, become as if by magic against what biology dictates, and change their gender. Further went on to say that you are never at fault, everyone else is to blame, brought a whole generation of people who never accept responsibility for their actions, then wonder why things like this are happening.

People like Shift, Waters, AOC, and others are quick to blame everyone else; they never see that it is their actions that do this. You attack a people none stop, tell a people they are evil, oppressive, you may get some of the more mentally unstable to react like this.

Democrats, you are not careful when you point fingers at others, as my mother used to tell me when you point a finger at someone else, four are always pointed back at you. I would suggest you fix your own next before you yell about the one next door.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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