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Democrats Bar Trump From Giving State Of The Union to Congress

Democrats Bar Trump From Giving State Of The Union to Congress

If we thought the Congressional Democrats could not get more childish and petty, Pelosi pokes up her head and shows us they indeed can. In the latest tit for tat, she has told the president that the Congressional Chambers are not going to be available for the president to give his State Of The Union, something that has never been done from Washington until now.

One has to first wonder, who does Pelosi thinks owns this chamber? It is sure not her, it is the owned by ‘we the people,‘ if you are going to treat what is owned by all of us in such a manner, then maybe it is time to remove you from the position of power.

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Since the creation of the constitution, the first congress being assembled, we have always considered the House to be the voice of the people, but no longer, now we are told it is only the voice of some of the people, more specifically the Democrat’s, ones they don’t like or don’t want to listen to, they are going to try to deny us the right to listen to what they have to say, this is unacceptable.

What I think is going on is as the Democrats move more and more towards the radical left, we see the same thing that happened prior to the civil war, a house so divided that there is no chance of allowing any reconciliation, all we see are wedges thrown in to further and further separate the two sides.

This is what the far left Democrat’s are demanding, Pelosi right now is trying to walk a walk that is appealing to these people, thus is forced to carry on in a more radical manner then what she has in the past.

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We are now at a point where we see the news openly and brashly presenting fake news stories, when they are caught, some will back up and apologize, many on the far left double down and make excuses for back up lies.

In their all-consuming quest to destroy not only Trump but anyone that dared to vote for him, we see the calls that anyone who voted for Trump must be a fascist, that they are within their moral right to attack, resist and do what must be done to ensure this never happens again.

This is the difference between the left and the right, when Obama was elected we rolled up our sleeves, said, “Next time we can do better!” And what did the Democrat’s do? They demanded that we revote, attacked us for our vote in the first place, and then condemned, verbally assaulted us, and now are even using this as a means of an excuse for people that are either threatening to physically attack, or back up the ones that are.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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