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Democrats Are Now Calling For Destruction Of GOP And Jailing Of Its Supporters

Democrats Are Now Calling For Destruction Of GOP And Jailing Of Its Supporters

For years I have seen the control of the House and Senate pass from being controlled by one party to another, the side that is loosing then concentrates on getting back control, the other side looks for ways to hold on to it. But this is not what is happening now, the left has become so unhinged they are calling for the burning of the GOP, ostracizing anyone that is part of the party, and taking control forever.

What is more amazing, you have former GOP strategist that are also calling for this, here is a perfect example on MSNBC:

We have GOP blogger, Jennifer Rubin, on the Trump administration: “these people are not fit for polite society.”

“What we should be doing is shunning these people. What we should be doing is shunning, shaming these people is a statement of moral indignation,” said Rubin.

“It’s not only that Trump has to lose, but that all his enablers have to lose. We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party. Um, we have to level them because if there are survivors, if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again.”

Turns out she, like former Trump Press secretary, Anthony Scaramucci, have turned totally on Trump, thus rejecting what the leadership of the GOP is supporting. In the end, both are nothing but self-promoting elitist, who are concerned not about the nation or the party, rather about how they can promote themselves.

What we are seeing close ranks are the old school GOP members who have seen their power fall away under Trump and the left, both which seem to suffer severe Trump Derangement Syndrome.

One has to ask, if it is OK for leftist such as Antifa to attack Americans that don’t agree with them, now you have leaders on MSNBC and CNN calling everyone that supports Trump as Fascist, now you have people calling for the total destruction of all conservatives, how long until they start justifying taking up arms against us?

If this was a short term fad, I may not be worried about it, but after Trump won the election the left has turned on their fellow Americans. Here is Maxine Waters saying liberals should not allow any Trump supporter or people that work for him to ever have peace.

Here you have the old AG Holder telling people to resort to violence against Trump supporters:

Here you see anti-Trump activist attacking people for daring to support Trump:

Here is another of leftist attacking someone for daring to peacefully assemble and say they support Trump:

One has to ask, how much longer is this going to happen. What is most amazing about this whole video, in the end, you see ABC news blaming the man for being attacked, they say it is his wearing a MAGA hat that is bringing this one.

Here Joy has a guest that says the GOP is a domestic terrorist group, she says nothing, and calls for all GOP members to be locked up. What is interesting, rather then cut him off Joy says nothing.

I fear for this nation, how much more of this attacking us is going to be allowed before a spark sets the whole nation ablaze? We are now seeing that words are no longer enough, the left is now starting to attack physically what they used to vocally. I wonder, what will their reaction be when we say no more and start to fight back? We all know what it will be, they will paint themselves as the victims.

Well, Democrats, we are no victims, continue to attack at your own risk. Used to say you pull a tigers tail at your own risk, sooner or later that tiger will turn on you.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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  1. VernonIdepe

    Former afl star glenn archer speaks outside court as his trial continues MORE (D-Colo.).

    Archer said he was “horrified” when he learned his mother and sister were charged in the 2013 shootings of three people at the San Bernardino facility. The parents of Jared Loughner, 27, a former Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputy, have pleaded not guilty to murder charges.

    “I feel like justice got served,” he said. “I was so frustrated when they were not charged. I felt betrayed. I felt like it was because they kept me out of the system.”

    His mother, Trish Archer, 33, a business owner, has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to serve as an emotional support person at a facility in Colorado.

    “I just want it cleared up,” he said.

    Archer was part of the Arapahoe County sheriff’s office SWAT team during the Oct. 1 attack at the Inland Regional Center that left 14 dead.

    Prosecutors have said Jared Loughner, 27, and his girlfriend, Ummayad Uddin, 25, opened fire inside the center. Investigators said that during the raid, Uddin fired two handguns and Loughner fired one.

    Archer said that after the shooting, he got emotional in front of reporters, crying while recalling his mother, who was “very brave and very much in charge.”

    “I was not afraid,” he said. “She was very strong and she kept me safe…. I want to thank my mom for that.”

    The sheriff said he was grateful that Loughner was not charged in Loughner’s killing.

    “What makes me so thankful are the facts they’re telling me, which is that he had nothing to do with this, was not in the wrong — or I didn’t ask him if he had anything to do with it,” Archer said. “You have all heard that story, but that’s not what happened. That’s what’s coming out of them.”

    Archer also referenced the U.S. Senate hearing on the case last week in which Senate Intelligence Chairman Dianne Feinstein Dianne Emiel FeinsteinHow Flake came to secure Kavanaugh delay Trump orders new FBI investigation into Kavanaugh after Senate request Flake calls for one-week delay to floor vote on Kavanaugh MORE (D-Calif.) said: “The reason I can’t understand the American public’s reaction, I can’t understand that, is because I don’t believe the law was broken, because I didn’t even know what I didn’t know.”

    As the attorney general was testifying, Archer was shot in the hip by a bullet in his leg, he said.

    Archer said he has received hundred

    North coast councils suffer from funding cutbacks, leading to high homelessness numbers in South East London

    The National Housing Federation (NAF) has accused the government of failing to keep housing affordable, with just 25% of households in inner London getting the council help they need.

    They argue that the coalition’s cuts to housing benefit have affected vulnerable families who are struggling to find affordable accommodation.

    The NAF are calling on the government to act to increase housing benefit to tackle homelessness in London and help council housing for thousands of people already living in poverty.

    The organisation says: “The vast majority of the families who are experiencing homelessness in England live in London – the City of London – and are often the first people to face the problem. As they attempt to build a life outside the city, they are unable to secure housing that meets their current needs.

    “The government’s cuts have led to significant levels of homelessness in the City of London, as well as cuts to homeless families’ local housing in London.

    “And the housing costs for these families mean they are now one of the hardest-hit families in this country.”

    The NAF have found that the coalition’s cuts have led to a significant rise in the homelessness crisis, with the most common causes of homelessness being poverty, housing difficulties and family breakdown.

    London Councils is one of a number councils that will be faced with cutting spending in real terms since the coalition’s election in May 2011.

    According to government figures published in October, there are 2.9 million households receiving benefits in England today. Of those, around a third live in inner London, and the biggest number of families have been hit by cuts since the coalition’s election.

    The Government is planning a further £12bn to tackle homelessness, of which £9.9bn is likely to come from the housing benefit cap, reducing benefit cuts on working-age families.

    The NAF claim that the coalition’s housing benefit cap and cuts to homelessness are “totally counterproductive”, with the largest group of homeless families being in London and in areas around the capital.

    They also question the government’s commitment to “building a sustainable affordable, stable housing society”.


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